Neverfail Introduces Simple, Efficient Server Migration with New Solution

Neverfail Migrate is the Industry's Only Migration Solution that Keeps Businesses' Applications Up and Running During Server Migrations

Feb 07, 2013, 09:00 ET from Neverfail

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Neverfail®, a leading business continuity lifecycle management software company, today announced Neverfail Migrate, a new solution that enables seamless application migration between systems with minimal risk of business interruptions. Based on Neverfail's time-tested and award-winning application continuous availability and continuity technology, the Neverfail Migrate solution enables server migration from and physical or virtual instance within the same data center across the WAN in the most affordable and efficient manner possible.

While virtualization delivers revolutionary cost savings and environmental benefits for businesses, the path for moving a business's data and applications from physical to virtual servers is difficult and time-consuming, and puts the business at risk of application outages. Unlike other migration techniques that either attempt to convert a system image to run on a new platform or recreate an application on a new platform from scratch, Neverfail Migrate takes an entirely new approach. By understanding that each component of a business's application ecosystem is critical and can easily disrupt a migration if not addressed and managed properly, Neverfail Migrate is the only platform migration tool that maximizes application availability with application-aware migration and rollback capability.

"Up until now, there has been no easy path to dealing with the complexity of migration between physical and virtual servers. Neverfail Migrate changes that by taking the fear, risk and uncertainty out of a typical migration, by eliminating many of the unknowns," said Ashwin Kotian, VP of product management at Neverfail. "Neverfail's application-aware technology ensures a seamless transition and overall effective migration so your business stays up and running, and your most critical data and applications remain intact."

How It Works
Neverfail Migrate creates and maintains identical clones of the application on the destination platform without disrupting operations. During the migration period both systems run in tandem in an active-passive state, allowing companies to switch over and switch-back between to the two as they gain confidence in the new system. Once the new systems have been fully verified, the pair is dissolved and the legacy systems retired. This process allows customers to perform complex server migrations from one system to another without the need to meticulously configure the destination services or create a lengthy cut-over process. What's more, customers can quickly and seamlessly move workloads back and forth between systems with one click, with no end user downtime.

"We chose Neverfail for continuous application availability because it is the only solution on the market that protects our key business applications with simple one-click failover and failback between sites," said Paul Stafford, Infrastructure Services Manager at Wellcome Trust. "Our email, database and critical applications are protected with Neverfail. We tested the disaster recovery process and it provides rapid recovery. We utilise this same technology for worry-free server and hardware migrations."

Neverfail Migrate can be applied to single servers, application groups and even complete sites with single-button control on the final switch over. Additionally, because Neverfail Migrate operates from within the original system, there are no requirements for special hardware or dedicated platforms.  Migrations can be performed from any platform to any other platform, enabling easy migrations from physical to virtual systems, one hardware vendor to another, one hypervisor vendor to another, even into private and public clouds – all with minimal risk and downtime.

Neverfail Migrate is available now. The list price is $1,000 for each server license. You can find out more about Neverfail Migrate here:

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