Neverfail Provides Mason-McDuffie with Continuous Access to Business-Critical Applications

Processing Consumer Loans Are Hassle- and Worry-Free for Mortgage Lending Company

May 18, 2011, 08:30 ET from Neverfail

AUSTIN, Texas, May 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Neverfail®, a leading global software company specializing in affordable continuous availability and disaster recovery solutions, today announced that Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corporation, headquartered in San Ramon, Calif., is using Neverfail to protect its consumer loan processing.


With 17 offices in several states across the United States, Mason-McDuffie has been a leader in mortgage lending for over a century. In order to maintain reputation, it is imperative that the company has uninterrupted access to the mission-critical applications that let it communicate and process loans. It is only with this strategy in place that Mason-McDuffie can help its customers fulfill their home-owning dreams.

Every day, Mason-McDuffie's 150 employees educate homeowners and help them select the right mortgage to meet their individual needs, whether they are first time homeowners or move-up buyers. Additionally, employees work with current homeowners to help them refinance their existing mortgages. To conduct this broad range of business, Mason-McDuffie loan officers rely heavily on email to communicate with clients, vendors and internally to company employees. With uninterrupted access to email and Encompass loan origination software, both mission-critical applications, Mason-McDuffie loan officers are able to process approximately 300 loans a month.

"Our entire team, from executives to loan officers, is responsible for processing mortgages on a daily basis. In order for them to meet the needs of their clients, they require continuous access to business-critical mortgage and email applications," said Kevin Conlon, SVP operations, Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corporation. "If our team members lose access to email or Encompass, they lose their ability to effectively process loans, which is the core of our business."

Since installing Neverfail for SQL Server and Neverfail for Exchange, Mason-McDuffie has bid farewell to costly downtime. Not only that, but the company also recently upgraded its Neverfail installation to the latest release and expects to expand its use of Neverfail for disaster recovery once it has set up a remote location.

"We installed Neverfail in 2008, and so far we have not experienced any downtime resulting in lost productivity. This was extremely useful when we were under tight deadline and needed to process mortgages before the recent home buyer credit expired on April 30, 2010," said Conlon. "Our investment in Neverfail proved crucial when our primary SQL server kept losing its connection and our team couldn't access Encompass. We failed over to the secondary server with Neverfail seamlessly and without impacting workflow."

"Buying a house in today's economy is a struggle as it is, but companies like Mason-McDuffie are making the loan processing aspect of it a little more bearable," said Bob Roudebush, vice president of marketing of Neverfail. "We specifically designed Neverfail for SQL Server and Neverfail for Exchange to ensure high availability for organizations like Mason-McDuffie that demand to be continuously connected to their mission-critical applications so they can meet the needs of their clients."

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