New Accessibility Equipment Company Helps Keep Individuals With Limited Mobility Living Independently

Oct 28, 2015, 10:15 ET from Lifeway Mobility, LLC

HARTFORD, Conn., Oct. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Lifeway Mobility is a brand new accessibility equipment supplier serving Southern New England. The company will provide products such as ramps, stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and bath safety solutions to ensure a safe living environment for individuals with limited mobility. Lifeway will also offer solutions, such as transfer aids, to help clinicians and caregivers improve patient mobility and safety. 

Lifeway's President Paul Bergantino and Chairman Timothy Burfield are proven business healthcare executives who jointly managed a successful specialty wheelchair company for 15 years. Their company grew to become the premier provider company in the country.

"Paul and I look forward to building another company that will enhance the wellbeing of those who face extraordinary challenges every day from the effects of accidents, illnesses, and aging," Burfield notes. "Lifeway will enable them, and their caregivers, to live more safely, comfortably, and independently in their homes."

Bergantino and Burfield plan to leverage their past experience to provide an offering unmatched in the accessibility product and patient handling industry.

"Our goal is to improve the quality of life for those that need an accessibility solution to remain living safely at home or offer an added layer of safety to patient care," said Bergantino. "We understand that one's freedom and mobility is integral to their well-being. We will provide our customers with creative solutions, accelerated delivery, and responsive repair turnaround times to meet their needs."  

The team from Connecticut-based accessibility product company, Ease, joined Lifeway Mobility. "Ease has built a reputation as one of Connecticut's leading providers of products and services to enhance the aging at home process," said Brian Cosker, President of Ease. "Lifeway's strong understanding of the industry reinforces our dedication to serving those with access needs. We look forward to working together on the Lifeway Mobility team to provide clients with unique solutions."

About Lifeway Mobility, LLC
Lifeway Mobility is an accessibility equipment supplier serving Southern New England. They provide products to improve customers' mobility and independence at home and in commercial structures. They also offer a variety of transfer aids to assist clinicians and caregivers with patient mobility and safety. To learn more about Lifeway Mobility, please visit their website or call 860-292-1111.

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