New Acrolinx Research Looks at Content Quality and Consistency in Manufacturing

Mar 01, 2016, 06:15 ET from Acrolinx

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Acrolinx today published new research into the quality and consistency of the manufacturing industry's content. As part of the company's broader series of Global Content Impact Index reports, the new research looks at the online content of 47 global manufacturing brands. Although numerous companies were shown to have high-quality content, the report found only one whose content was also consistent. Download the full report.

"Manufacturing is an interesting industry that we were keen to study given the variety of challenges it's facing," noted Acrolinx Founder and CEO Andrew Bredenkamp. "By analyzing many well-known manufacturers' online content, and publishing the results in aggregate, our hope is to raise awareness of the importance of creating amazing content. In our view, it's a critical lesson for manufacturers to learn if they want to differentiate their brands and drive revenue."

While some manufacturing companies were shown to have high-quality content, more than two-thirds (68 percent) earned overall content impact scores of below 72. That's the minimum threshold for content quality that Acrolinx has determined that content needs to achieve to be effective. While the industry's average score of 70.1 was just below that key metric, among individual manufacturing companies, scores varied from a low of 51.6 to a high of 87.3. The report shows the breakdown, including how manufacturing stacks up compared to other industries.

A greater challenge than quality was consistency. A total of 74.4 percent of the companies analyzed had content that was shown to be inconsistent. This poses an issue that can degrade brand perceptions and lower overall customer satisfaction. Interestingly, one in five companies had the dangerous combination of content that was both low-quality and highly inconsistent.

The results of the Acrolinx research suggest that the industry as a whole needs to start paying more attention to its content.

"We're long past the point where companies can afford not to be using content to create great customer experiences," explained Bredenkamp. "For an industry that may have a tough road ahead, putting more time, effort, and resources into creating better content is going to be critical."

To learn more about the state of content quality and consistency in the manufacturing industry, you can download the full report by clicking here. To access Acrolinx's previous reports on global content quality and consistency, click here.

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