New Alliance AutoGas Partner to Jumpstart AutoGas Vehicle Conversions on West Coast

Dec 06, 2010, 20:58 ET from Alliance AutoGas

ASHEVILLE, N.C., Dec. 6, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The national propane vehicle conversion and fueling network Alliance AutoGas, together with West Coast regional partner, Blue Star Gas, is pleased to announce the addition of John's Auto Care of Medford, OR to its roster of certified conversion centers.  In conjunction with Alliance's on-site fueling for fleets and growing network of public fueling stations, regional certified conversion centers ensure the expanded availability of AutoGas vehicle technology to fleets on the West Coast. As an Alliance AutoGas partner, John's Auto Care will work with Oregon fleets to convert vehicles from conventional gasoline to propane AutoGas.

John's Auto Care, an esteemed service center specializing in luxury and high-performance vehicles, will become a part of the turn-key alternative fuel solution that characterizes Alliance's commitment to hassle-free AutoGas conversion, equipment and fueling.  With more than 60 years combined experience in the automotive industry, Luis Brito of John's Auto and his partner Dan Young are enthusiastic about the future of the AutoGas market and their role with Alliance.

"Partnering with Alliance AutoGas and working with Blue Star is a great next step for our group, and we look forward to getting more clean AutoGas vehicles on Oregon roads," says Brito. "As an experienced luxury car mechanic, I've got an eye for exceptional technology. I am confident that Alliance's Prins equipment is one of the best systems on the market."

Jeff Stewart, President of Blue Star Gas, is excited about the recent expansion of AutoGas in the state of Oregon.  "The outstanding professionals at John's Auto Care will make a great addition to the Alliance AutoGas team," lauded Stewart.  "With our latest public fueling station nearby, we will work closely with the JAC team to bolster the use of AutoGas technology in the region."

President of Alliance AutoGas Stuart Weidie, is eager to welcome a new partner to the Alliance team and applauds the efforts that Blue Star and John's Auto Care will undertake together.  "The expansion of national alternative fueling networks and increasing the wealth of technology that fleets can access locally, are critical components to a growing AutoGas market.  Alliance expects to see the AutoGas market proliferate as part of a healthy American energy equation."

Brito agrees. "I really believe AutoGas as an alternative fuel is going to take off," he states.

Alliance's founding partner and conversion equipment provider, American Alternative Fuel (AAF), "always looks forward to new partners coming on board," says AAF's President, Matt Sgambeterra. "We're dedicated to finding only the highest-quality service hubs to become certified conversion centers, and John's Auto Care certainly meets that standard."

Ideal candidates for propane vehicle conversions include many public and private fleets. Fleets that convert to propane AutoGas can expect:

  • Lower fuel costs
  • Significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Lowered dependence on foreign oil (90% of propane is produced in the U.S.)
  • Green branding opportunities

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