New Analog Bits Display SerDes Reduces Footprint, Power & Cost

Saves up to 700 milliwatts on Flat Panel Display SOCs

Mar 18, 2011, 12:00 ET from Analog Bits

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., March 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Analog Bits, the Integrated Clocking and Interface IP leader, today unveiled an application specific Display SerDes (Serializer/Deserializer) IP that reduces area by up to 25 times, die-costs up to 25% and power consumption by 700mW.  The new IP is silicon-proven and available immediately.

The Analog Bits Display SerDes is designed specifically for next generation flat panel displays, integrating a low power macro with a fine resolution, low jitter video clock to drive new video standards such as V-by-One HS®.  

Analog Bits has achieved these technology milestones by customizing the IP's analog macro to market specifications.  The Display SerDes can now be successfully ported to 90nm 65nm and 40nm designs.

One of the key Display SerDes' features is its ability to maximize the V-by-One standard.  V-by-One HS is a low power interface display chip standard from THine Electronics, Inc. that reduces power, lowers component costs and extends connection ranges.  Major display manufacturers worldwide have adopted V-by-One HS.  Analog Bits innovative programmable approach aligns with V-by-One and other video interface standards making it ideal for a wide variety of flat panel display applications.  

"Our clocking and interconnect products have long held a reputation for high quality – especially in video," commented Mahesh Tirupattur, Executive VP of Analog Bits.  

"Integrating our new low-power, high-bandwidth SerDes has resulted in a compelling solution for this growing market."

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About Analog Bits:  Founded in 1995, Analog Bits, Inc. is the leading supplier of integrated timing and interconnect IP.  Products include precision clocking macros such as PLL's & DLL's, programmable interconnects such as multi-protocol SERDES/PMA and programmable I/O's as well as specialized memories such as high-speed SRAMs and T-CAMs.  With billions IP fabricated in customer silicon from 0.35-micron to 28-nanometer processes, Analog Bits has the heritage of "first time working silicon" at merchant foundries and IDMs. For more information visit

V-by-One HS® is a registered trademark of THine Electronics, Inc.


Mahesh Tirupattur


SOURCE Analog Bits