New And Innovative All-Natural Beverage Enhances Performance, Recovery And Wellbeing Of Athletes

Jul 03, 2012, 08:00 ET from LifeAID Beverage Company

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., July 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- FitAID Beverages LLC, in conjunction with LifeAID Beverage Company, has announced the launch of FitAID, a "paleo friendly" sports and recovery drink that benefits athletes during their workouts.  The company states that the beverage is 100 percent natural, low calorie, and contains 2355mg of active ingredients in the form of vitamins and supplements targeted at enhancing the ten physical attributes of fitness: Cardiovascular endurance, Strength, Power, Stamina, Speed, Balance, Accuracy, Coordination, Flexibility and Agility. These ten health and fitness domains are the foundation of the exponentially growing functional fitness movement called CrossFit and served as the inspiration for the drink.  


FitAID was developed in collaboration between the LifeAID team and the elite CrossFit community.  FitAID president, David Shanahan, is passionate about health and fitness and is a CrossFit gym owner and trainer.  He states, "Of the elite athletes we spoke to when developing the drink, many were taking the key supplements now found in our drink including Omega 3s, Vitamin B,C,D, Amino Acids, Quercetin, and Glucosamine.  Additionally, most are health conscious and seek products without excessive carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, or HFCS.  We were able to combine all the key nutrients into a surprisingly delicious, ready-to-drink product with about a quarter of the sugar as a typical soda or energy drink."  While the drink was inspired by CrossFit, it is beneficial for both avid and casual gym goers.  Athletes are already taking note and many are actively endorsing the drink including Annie Sakamoto, the eighth highest ranking woman in CrossFit.

FitAID launched at the regional CrossFit Games in May and June.  The product is available at gyms around the US and the company has already entered into several distribution agreements.  FitAID can also be purchased directly through the company website and can be followed on both Facebook and Twitter.  

About FitAID Beverages LLC:

FitAID was founded in July 2011 by David Shanahan. The company is focused on the promotion and distribution of FitAID through CrossFit and the larger athletic community.

About LifeAID Beverage Co.:

LifeAID is focused on developing and bringing to market drinks under a new beverage category: synergy drinks.  While each drink has its own unique supplement profile and flavor, they do share some key similarities.  They are 100 percent natural, 45 calories and sweetened with organic blue agave.  Their first product, GolferAID, is distributed to golf courses nationally.  The LifeAID mission statement is to AID the body, AID the cause (through unique charitable endeavors), and AID the life of their customers.

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