New App Supports Addiction Diseases with Relaunch of Reach Out Recovery

Nov 05, 2015, 10:07 ET from Reach Out Recovery

SARASOTA, Fla., Nov. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Reach Out Recovery (ROR), a non-profit organization, committed to addiction prevention, healthy living and recovery, has proven its concept that everyone affected by addiction needs a single place to go for world news, resources, general information, and support., is the only recovery portal of its kind. The website, begun in 2014, was rebuilt and expanded in spring 2015 to be mobile friendly, and now reaches over 450,000 people a week through its growing Facebook and other social media following. This week ROR added a mobile app for Android and Apple products to make the large ROR database easier for cell phone users, and always available.

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Over 120 Million Americans Are Affected By Addiction Diseases

Family members, coworkers and friends are experiencing the catastrophe of a loved one struggling with addiction. Often they have little understanding of how to cope, or what to do. The heroin crisis currently sweeping the country follows an opioid crisis of a few years ago, a meth crisis before that, and a growing use of marijuana.

"Addiction isn't just substance use, and it isn't going away," says best-selling author, award-winning documentarian and ROR founder Leslie Glass. "When my own family faced addiction and traveled our recovery journey, we didn't know where to turn for reliable information. Addressing that need for everyone affected became my passion. Both substance and behavior addictions are devastating. I wanted to normalize addiction and recovery as part of the American experience and create easier access to affirming information. Recovery is much more than not using, or not doing something. ROR evolved as a safe place for people not only to recover from whatever caused problems in their lives, but also to stay successful in a new healthier lifestyle. With new content every day, ROR is a one-stop shopping destination for those seeking a healthy, productive life."

Successful Recovery Through Thoughtful References, Humor and Empathy

The ROR website is divided into various sub-headers that make it easy to find what you are looking for. The online newspaper Recovery Daily offers trending news from world news sources, as well as blogs by professionals and lay people who have experienced the world of addiction. The newspaper is categorized in six sections: family, students, military, lifestyle, entertainment, news, and bloggers. Addiction A-Z identifies everything you want to know about substances. Simply click on the drug name for a complete profile. The Family and Friends sections include information about the family disease and how it might be affecting each family member. There is also information about intervention, when that might be appropriate and how to best help your family and loved ones. Another section offers solutions of self-care for those affected by someone else's addiction. The website also provides a Google map-assisted meeting finder.

Glass added, "We're very tech savvy and are very excited about our growing audience and the potential to help address a national crisis." 

Reach Out Recovery (ROR) is a non-profit organization committed to addiction prevention, healthy living and recovery by providing up-to-the-minute, on-going recovery resources, healthy living guidance and support. The goal of its founders and board is to lift the stigma of addiction and provide a positive online community of resources that guide users down a safe path to success. The organization was founded by best-selling author and award-winning documentarian, Leslie Glass, whose own family faced addiction and traveled their own journey to recovery. ROR is based in Sarasota, FL. For more information visit the website

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