New At Toy Fair 2013: Monkeez Makes A Difference™ Introduces Innovative Program That Empowers Children To Help Others

First-of-its kind program, toys teach children importance of philanthropy to last a lifetime and prevent bullying

Feb 08, 2013, 10:00 ET from Monkeez Makes a Difference

CHARLESTON, S.C., Feb. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- MVP Group International, Inc. is turning philanthropy into child's play at Toy Fair (booth #2878) and beyond with its new educational, charitable program, Monkeez Makes a Difference. The innovative program empowers children to help others and teaches the importance of compassion and giving back through kid-friendly tools including adorable sock monkey characters, online games, real-life Do Good challenges designed to prevent bullying, a Monkeez Runner app and a special 10 percent donation on each child's behalf to one of three nationally renowned charities of his or her choice.


There are more than 100 knit and plush characters in multiple sizes to choose from, each featuring a unique name and personality as well as magnets in their hands and feet for hugging and playing. Characters include monkeys, owls, bears, lions, dogs, cats, pigs, cows, octopuses, panda bears, kangaroos, turtles, koalas, alligators, hedgehogs, elephants, hippos, zebras, frogs, bunnies, raccoons, penguins, parrots, polar bears and flamingos. Suggested retail prices range from $7.99 for mini sizes to $114.99 for 42-inch characters.

Each character comes with a unique online game activation code on the tag. With an adult's help, children follow the instructions on the tag and visit There, they can enter the code and watch videos about each charity partner, including Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, Samaritan's Purse and Best Friends Animal Society.

Children can select which charity they would like to contribute to, and the Monkeez program donates 10 percent of the wholesale cost on their behalf. Children can revisit as many times as they'd like to play educational games and learn more about what they can do to help others. Thanks to popular demand, Monkeez Makes a Difference recently donated $67,000 total to the three charity partners.

Monkeez Makes a Difference also extends the experience to the local level, helping children to make a difference at home, at school and in their communities every day with Do Good cards (suggested retail $2.99 per pack). Available in five different packs, each set contains challenges that consist of simple, but meaningful, tasks, including some that empower children to reach out to others who might otherwise be bullied (or be the bully). For example, one of challenges is: "Today at lunch, look around. Invite a child that is sitting alone to sit with you." When children have completed each challenge and talked about the experience with their parents, they receive the trading card, which can be redeemed at Similar to the plush characters, children can select a charity partner to direct a 10 percent donation to as well as receive incentives online to continue helping others.

Monkeez Makes a Difference was developed by Chrysti Carol Propes. As a mother of two boys, mompreneur, former teacher, children's book author and writer for educational apps, Propes based the program on research that indicates it's never too early to teach children to think of others and that children should be empowered to explore causes and reach their own decisions about what to support.

"There are so many children, families and animals in need not only around the world, but in our own communities," Propes says. "Parents are looking for ways to teach the values of thinking of others and believing every person can make a difference, and Monkeez Makes a Difference fulfills that need in a unique and interactive way. We believe that even though they may be small, kids can make a big difference and by creating opportunities like Monkeez Makes a Difference, we can instill philanthropic values to last a lifetime."

For more information or to order, visit or the online store. For retailers who would like to place an order or learn more, visit the Toy Fair booth #2878, call 866-445-9993 extension 2771 or email

Take a Photo with the World's Largest Sock Monkey to Make a Difference at Toy Fair
First time exhibitors at Toy Fair, the Monkeez booth #2878 will host the world's largest sock monkey, Super Sammy, standing at a whopping eight feet tall and weighing in at 93 pounds. For anyone who takes a souvenir photo with Super Sammy, $1 will be donated to one of the program's three charity partners with each visitor selecting which charity to support. Complimentary Monkeez backpack clips will also be available for visitors, and those spotted wearing the clips on the show floor have a chance to win Monkeez prizes on the spot.  

SOURCE Monkeez Makes a Difference