New AudioBulb from GiiNii Makes Playing Music Wirelessly as Easy as Screwing in a Light Bulb

Innovative wireless music and LED lighting system supports iPods and iPhones and fits any standard light socket or lamp

Sep 14, 2011, 08:10 ET from GiiNii International

NEW YORK, Sept. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Today at Pepcom's Holiday Spectacular! New York – 2011, GiiNii International introduced AudioBulb, an innovative music and LED lighting system that lets users play music from iPods, iPhones and auxiliary input sources throughout their homes and offices without wires.

The patented AudioBulb system integrates an efficient LED light and a wireless speaker in a single light bulb that is controlled by a standalone base unit. It's as easy to set up as screwing in a light bulb. A pair of bulbs, provided in the standard package, play in stereo.

"AudioBulb lets you play music wirelessly where you want by using something in every room: light sockets," said GiiNii Vice President Ryan Giordano. "Typical audio systems – wired or wireless – can be hard to use, expensive to install, complicated to expand to additional rooms and usually require speakers that seldom match a room's decor. AudioBulb's design solves all of those issues."

AudioBulb requires no technical set-up, complex wires or custom installation. The bulbs fit into any standard Edison light or lamp socket, and users simply connect an audio source via the base unit's Apple 30-pin dock connector or auxiliary input. The system accommodates up to eight AudioBulb bulbs which can be configured into two separate listening zones. Separate zones can be established for a single room or multiple rooms throughout a home, making it easy for users to play music at different volume levels and adjust the lighting in the separate zones, so while some listen to music, others can sleep in silence.

The LED bulbs only use 5 watts of energy and produce light suitable to replace up to a 60 watt incandescent bulb. They are rated for 30,000 hours or 10 years with normal usage – far more than standard incandescent or compact fluorescent light bulbs. When music is not desired, the bulbs function as standard lights with a four-stage dimmer.

Maximum signal range is 50 to 100 feet depending on the environment. All AudioBulb music and light functions can be controlled through an included infrared remote.

Available in October with an MSRP of $299.99, AudioBulb can be pre-ordered now at Additional AudioBulb bulbs will be available to purchase for $99.99 per bulb at GiiNii's website and from other retailers.

Each AudioBulb package includes two bulbs, a standalone base unit, a remote control, lamp accessories, an auxiliary in cable and a power cord.

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