New Book By Prominent Psychiatrist, Professor & Caregiver Advocates For The Cancer Solution

Aug 21, 2015, 13:14 ET from Dr. Jack Westman

MADISON, Wis., Aug. 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Jack C. Westman, MD, MS, has been helping people for over 60 years as a professor, psychiatrist, author, and the director of a non-profit advocacy organization.  But his greatest contribution may be his newest book, one that speaks from his heart and professional experiences, The Cancer Solution: Taking Charge of Your Life with Cancer.

Dr. Westman's wife, who died several years ago, lived with breast cancer for 34 years. Two close relatives currently suffer from cancer as well.  The inspiration for this book grew out of his years as a caregiver and led him to provide a definitive cancer handbook for inquisitive lay persons and healthcare professionals.

"I wrote this book with four aims," says Dr. Westman. "The first is to give you a broad overview of the different forms of cancer treatment and cancer research in as understandable terms as I can.  The second is to provide enough technical details so that you can use this book as a reference for questions about specific aspects of cancer.  The third is to stimulate your interest in complementary cancer care.  The fourth is to encourage you as a lay person or professional to become an informed advocate for federal and private funding of research that focuses on preventing the underlying causes of cancer."

Though a psychiatrist, and not an oncologist, this academic physician has conducted extensive research.  He writes, "I know the ins and outs of receiving the diagnosis of cancer and all that its treatment involves.  I know the relief that comes from success and the grief that comes from failure.  I know what it is like to see someone go through the process of dying from cancer.  I know firsthand both the strengths and the weaknesses of our health care system in general and of cancer care specifically."

The Cancer Solution thoroughly addresses these key areas:

  • Understanding how conventional cancer treatment can be improved
  • What the latest cancer research reveals
  • How to take charge of being a cancer patient or caregiver and navigate the health system
  • Why we need to change the way we think about cancer
  • How to utilize nutritional therapy to prevent or beat cancer
  • How immunotherapy can reverse cancer's course

The provocative and insightful book concludes with a charge to become an advocate for winning the War on Cancer, with suggestions about what we each can do.

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