New Book Helps Build Essential Skills In Young Students, Sets Foundation For A Successful Academic Career

'Eggtimer: Acquiring Daily Skills In All Academic Subjects To Ensure Academic Growth'

Sep 20, 2013, 14:49 ET from Greg Frates, Teacher and Author

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SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Here is the opportunity to know and use the essential skills your child needs to master from Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Academic preparation and mastery of skills are the essential goals for any child and this collection of tools and calendars – 'Eggtimer: Acquiring Daily Skills In All Academic Subjects To Ensure Academic Growth' – is the right resource to guide your child through their elementary school years

Included are an array of learning games, brainstorming drills and essential language development pages that are great for one on one practice, individual/quiet time review and family game nights.  The idea behind every page is that it can be done weekly, monthly and certainly year after year to instill a core set of academic readiness for each grade level.

This manual contains:

  • Steps to organize your child's life and make learning easier.
  • Instructional strategies/games that any student can master and build upon year after year.
  • Writing, Reading, Grammar & Math concepts that should be learned and ready to use resources to start learning today.
  • Pages of board games, drills and brainstorming techniques that build a core base of common core knowledge but also enhance and develop the ability to problem solve, build insight into novels and make learning fun!

The second half of the manual is a collection of monthly calendars for every grade level.  Included in each calendar are the common core skills expected of your child.  They can be used for review, summer fillers, monthly portfolios or even as support in addition to the regular homework.  They are a comprehensive collection of Language Arts skills that are deemed critical by the guiding principles of Common Core.  Parents and teachers can rest assured these calendars will enrich their children's learning experience, support ongoing goals of any classroom and provide a ready to use resource when the dreaded words "I'm bored" are spoken!

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About the author:

Greg Frates has spent his entire life in the classroom.  Throughout his 22 years of teaching Greg has established a learning climate of self-reliance, problem solving and most importantly, not wasting time.  His students reflect the best traits that any parent would expect to find:  organized, independent and motivated learners.  Greg has taught 11 grade levels, including graduate school.

Greg's book is ideal for any type of student learner.  The activities will boost skills, enhance brainstorming and problem solving and build academic confidence during a school year or even before as summertime can be a new opportunity to boost skills in anticipation of a coming school year.  For more information, contact Greg at




SOURCE Greg Frates, Teacher and Author