New Book Helps Entrepreneurs Achieve Market Adoption for Emerging Technologies

Jan 08, 2010, 07:47 ET from Paul Patterson

NEW YORK, Jan. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Author and emerging technology expert Paul Patterson has released a new book entitled "Beyond the Beaker: How to Achieve Successful Market Adoption for Emerging Technologies." This new book provides insight into the numerous professional talents required to bring an emerging technology to market adoption.

"I wrote Beyond the Beaker to help alleviate the majority of failure factors that I've witnessed doom the successful launch of an emerging technology to marketplace," says Mr. Patterson. "My book is a comprehensive text identifying challenges, key success factors, and insight on how to manage them. It is a compilation of knowledge with the goal of increasing the knowledge-base on best practices for managing emerging technologies, allowing the reader to leverage and expand upon the content. The goal is to enhance the stakeholders' expertise with a comprehensive commercial awareness, to help them realize their aspirations and make their innovations a reality."

Beyond The Beaker reveals:

  • Why some emerging technologies make billions while far too many go bust.
  • How to move an idea in the lab to a functioning tool or service in the marketplace.
  • 11 common failure factors to avoid.
  • What investors are looking for in an emerging technology.
  • The crucial factors that determine how fast an emerging technology can be adopted.

Beyond the Beaker is for innovation dreamers, entrepreneurs, managers of an emerging technology start-up, and those looking to take their "Eureka" moment developed in a laboratory to market adoption.

Paul Patterson has two decades of experience in international commercialization of technology. He recently spent eight years as the General Manager for Seiko Epson in Japan and is now the CEO of Display Photonic systems, an emerging pico projector technology company.

SOURCE Paul Patterson