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Lecture and book signing mark release of Sally and George, In the Beginning (Knowing Who You Are In Christ)

Jan 15, 2013, 09:17 ET from Total Health Institute

WHEATON, Ill., Jan. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Total Health Institute ( announced today that Dr. Keith Nemec and his wife Laurie Nemec have coauthored a book and will support its release with a lecture and book signing. In the Carpenter's Son Books publication Sally and George, In The Beginning, Dr. Nemec explores human nature and its influence on our covenant relationship with God the Father, our savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that lives within us.  Dr. Nemec will deliver a related lecture on January 26th, at the Institute.  A book signing follows the lecture - both are open to the public.


Dr. Keith & Laurie Nemec are directors at the Total Health Institute, an integrative and alternative health care facility that has been operating for almost thirty years.  Publications like Sally and George augment the Institute's inpatient, outpatient and Christ-centered healing retreats as instruments of growing you in body, mind and spirit health so you can fully realize who you are in the family of God.

Dr. Nemec has written three books about the root causes of physical illness, and faith's role in total wellness.  "By removing blockages in the nervous, hormonal, digestive and eliminative systems and creating balanced biochemistry within the body along with the removal of stored mental and emotional toxins, patients heal according to God's plan.  Sally and George looks at some of the conflicts that exist within God's children; focusing on mind and spirit as vehicles of knowing the truth to set you free" According to Dr. Nemec, "Once we enter into a covenant relationship with God the Father, we become aware of the two natures that are in conflict within us.  Our true nature is perfect in every way, because it represents who we are as sons and daughters in God's Family.  Our other nature represents our old sin nature apart from Christ which is commonly referred to as the flesh which challenges our true place as children of God – we decided to name this sin nature Sally and George.  By personalizing the flesh and making it real with the names Sally and George, we awaken ourselves to the lies it speaks"

"Divorce, illness, relationship challenges and other strongholds of the old sin nature within try to hinder our faith, so remaining alert and aware of Sally and George is paramount to keeping our rightful place in the family of God," states Dr. Nemec.  "Understand that Sally and George live within us, yet have no power over us unless we give them that power by believing their lies. The old Sally and George nature that tries to rule your mind is defeated as your heart is filled with the Spirit of Truth and you embrace who you are in Christ.  This allows Heaven to come to earth and God's will to be done through you, as it is done in Heaven."

About the Total Health Institute

The Total Health Institute is an alternative treatment center in Wheaton, IL.  At the Christ-centered healing Institute, directors Dr. Keith & Laurie Nemec administer a proprietary approach to total wellness called "The Seven Basic Steps to Total Health."  Sally & George, In the Beginning (Knowing Who You Are in Christ) by Dr. Keith Nemec will be available online at the Total Health Institute website for $17.00 on January 26, 2013. For directions and more information, see media contact below.

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