Book is a Call to Action for Baby Boomers Seeking a Brighter Future for Themselves and Their Parents

Jan 15, 2013, 11:11 ET from Susan B. Geffen

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The voice of hope for millions of baby boomers, seniors, and children caring for elderly parents is gerontologist, elder law attorney, and author Susan B. Geffen, who warns that lack of preparedness puts seniors at risk in the last chapter of life.  One of the foremost authorities on aging in America, she counsels those facing difficult elder-care decisions and urges baby boomers to confront the prospect of their own future before it's too late.  According to Geffen, "Few Americans have taken steps to cope with the physical, legal, financial, and emotional challenges of aging.  By acting now, they may avoid the pitfalls of living in a nursing home."

Geffen's newly released book, Take That Nursing Home and Shove It! How to Secure an Independent Future for Yourself and Your Loved Ones, is probably the most important book ever to address these issues. It provides a plan of action for all Americans who want to secure an independent and dignified future for themselves and loved ones. Geffen's research establishes that nursing homes are "the last place we want to be," yet, this institution will be the only option for many of America's 78 million baby boomers unless they develop a strategy. The good news is that even for today's seniors, there is still time to put Geffen's recommendations into effect.

This comprehensive work covers topics such as financial and estate planning, Alzheimer's disease, assisted living, home care, and even ageism, the view that old people don't matter. Geffen teaches not only how to make informed assessments of alternative care facilities but also how to evaluate the risks involved in staying at home.  She identifies resources available through the Social Security Administration, the Veterans Administration, and other programs that offset or completely pay for long-term care. She also explains the difference between Medicare and Medicaid.  "Many Americans are shocked to discover Medicare doesn't pay for long-term care," says Geffen.  The book also addresses the particular needs of the "sandwich generation"—baby boomers who are raising children while caring for and financially supporting parents.  "Even those who have no savings need to learn about the public programs and benefits available to them," she says.

As former general counsel of a major nursing home corporation and a family elder care consultant, Geffen guides seniors who cannot afford to care for themselves and families who cannot take them in. Her nationwide seminars, "Raising UP Your Parents," are attended by thousands of baby boomers and seniors. She has appeared on national news programs and has hosted one-hour shows on KABC Talk Radio in Los Angeles. 

This book holds the key to aging successfully.  "You do not have to endure unacceptable conditions at the end of life," Geffen proclaims. "Let's all plan for a bright future."

Take That Nursing Home and Shove It!  is available at Amazon. Visit Geffen's website at

SOURCE Susan B. Geffen