New Book Reveals Why Oil Prices Are So High -- and How We Can Lower Them

Mar 13, 2012, 19:28 ET from MEDIA CONNECT

NEW YORK, March 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- A new book insightfully condemns the oil industry, government, and Wall Street in a precision-filled attack that should enrage citizens.  Oil and Finance: The Epic Corruption Continues –2010- 2012 (Create Space) is a cogent call to arms by Raymond Learsy, ( who draws on his extensive experience in commodities trading, with expertise in the shipping of oil and liquefied natural gas cargos, to methodically document the free reign given to oil companies and the transgressions of financial firms. 

Learsy regularly writes about the crude truth of oil for The Huffington Post.  His latest book provides a clear understanding of where the US has been and where we are headed with respect to our fossil-fuel consumption. It uncovers the truth behind oil pricing, including its speculation and manipulation, the politics of oil and its impact on our security, oil's influence on our domestic and foreign policies, and OPEC's unchecked power.  

He identifies and explains:

  • The key factors fueling skyrocketing oil prices – and corrective solutions to combat them.
  • How we can be on the verge of energy independence in the U.S. with natural gas.
  • Why a CFTC task force must be formed.
  • Why the US should embargo Iran's oil to halt its nuclear ambitions.
  • How to avoid $5 gas/gallon.
  • Why a barrel should be $30.
  • Why there's an urgent need to form an American Energy NASA.
  • Why we need to drill – for oil and gas at home
  • We should investigate Wall Street's price manipulations of oil
  • Why we must convert our cars and trucks to run on natural gas instead of oil.

His goal is to enlighten the public – to anger them – and to drive them to hold their leaders responsible. 

"Americans have been asked to open their wallets to pay for the greed of Big Oil, the failed policies of government, and their checkered thievery of Wall Street," says Learsy, "but now we must also open our eyes to the truth of what has fueled the current state of affairs. High oil kills our economy and puts national security at risk. I hope everyone will be aware of the changes posed by the great oil conspiracy."

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