New Book Series, The Armageddon Trilogy, Presents End-Time Prophecy in Fiction Format

Jun 29, 2010, 10:34 ET from J. E. Becker

ALPHARETTA, Ga., June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- "The Beginning of the End," the first book of the trilogy, opens after nuclear strikes explode in the Middle East. Distraught, the nations who blame Israel, force her to the Peace table. The story of the first book opens with the Peace Conference in Washington, D.C. where delegations from both the Palestinians and the Israelis meet under the arbitration of the U.S. Christian leaders also attend because of the holy sites in the Old City. Jerusalem, the biggest problem to the two-state settlement, remains the issue.

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In the book, the Palestinians demand that Jerusalem be split and East Jerusalem be made their capital city. The Israelis refuse to relinquish control of any of the city. To complicate things even more, darkness descends upon the earth for seven days as a result of an asteroid's near miss, causing multiple headaches to the US president. After much wrangling at the conference, a suave charismatic businessman, a guest of the Palestinian delegation, solves the impasse. The solution: solve Israel's Hassidic religious problem by giving them a site on the temple mount. The story continues after meteorite strikes cease and delegations return home. They begin to build the temple, the Ark of the Covenant is returned to its home, but the peace expected is threatened once more.

Meanwhile the main characters of the book, Rachel Lieberman, who works at the Israeli Embassy, and David Solomon, an Israeli IDF captain in security, meet during the conference. She becomes his chauffeur while he conducts his security duties. Other Characters are members of the delegations, the Israeli security teams and the American president and his team. During the week Rachel and David fall in love.

Book one is now available, Book Two: "The Sign of the End" will be released 2010. It continues the story after Rachel joins David in a greatly changed world. These books will show the modern reader what has been predicted, through the background of the prophetic played out in story form. Only the characters are real fiction, the events are prewritten history. They are so close to today's news, they could begin happening at any time.

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Judy Becker was raised in Methodist preacher's parsonage, but did not meet the Lord until she was 25, married and had three boys. She became interested in the Bible only after discovering that Jesus was coming back. She had never heard that. Being fascinated, she immediately plunged into a study of the second coming. Somewhere in this study she met the Lord personally. She and her husband had both graduated from Marietta College with degrees in Geology. She was able to use her degree to understand the great physical judgments in the prophets and Revelation. She wrote an exposition on Revelation (published 2004) and then decided to present the truth of it in fiction form to help others understand the awesome days that are surely coming. See website and Book trailer on YouTube/JE Becker

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