New Button Messenger Apps Introduce Context-aware Mobile Messaging

Dec 10, 2013, 03:00 ET from ASIO

HELSINKI, December 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Asio, a Finland-based software company, today announces a new mobile messaging concept called Button Messaging. Asio also publishes three new context-aware Button Messenger Apps, available for FREE download.

Button Messengers enable smartphone users to send customized SMS messages to pre-set receivers by simply pressing a button. Button Messengers contain smart features that make possible, for instance, to send the user's location on a map.

Button Messenger apps are meant for specific use cases:

I Message - Button Messenger: 'I Message' is a free-form Button Messenger targeted for fast messaging between friends, family and colleagues. Customize the button title, message receiver and text in your local language. Include your location in the message as a map link.

I am OK - Button Messenger: 'I am OK' is targeted for kid-parent communication, elders and travelers and comes with two customizable messaging buttons. Use the large 'OK'-button to tell that you are fine or the 'Trouble'-button to ask for help. Location is always included in the Trouble-message, so e.g. parents will know where their child is, when help is needed.

I Love You - Button Messenger: 'I Love You' is an easy-to-use, themed Button Messenger for sending a personalized love message with a click.

Button Messenger apps are available for FREE download at Google Play Store and at web site.

Claudio M. Camacho, Service Design Manager at Asio, states: "The Button Messaging concept fills a gap in the current instant messaging ecosystem. Now it is possible to send frequently used messages in a very fast and easy way. The built-in feature for adding the user's location to the message can even save someone's life in an extreme situation."

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About Button Messengers

Button Messengers are created by Asio, software development company headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, with focus on mobile messaging and innovation in mobile lifestyle.


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