New Cancer Treatment Clinics Await Approval to Operate

Oct 26, 2012, 20:55 ET from Cancer Cleared Clinics

SAINT JOHN PARISH, Nevis, Oct. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Cancer Cleared Clinics, a Nevis LLC, announced today that it is waiting for approval to operate its Breast Cancer Clinics in thirty countries. Cancer Cleared Clinics has a unique and tested combination of therapies that are more effective and less harmful to the body than the current methods of cancer treatment used in the United States. This treatment is not available in the United States.

Eugene Steele, cancer historian, said, "The Standard American Diet is the major cause for the two largest killers: heart disease and cancer. Every person has cancer created in their bodies every day. Our bodies are equipped with an immune system which attacks and destroys these cancer cells. When we eat a Standard American Diet, we weaken the immune system and it cannot destroy the cancer cells. This can all be reversed."

The Cancer Cleared Clinics' method is to remove the protection the breast cancer cells have, and let the body destroy these cancer cells in seven days. Cancer Cleared Clinics offers a money back guarantee and a fixed fee of $3500. No other clinics in the world will make this offer. "There have been many developers of cancer therapies that have been blocked or ignored," stated Mr. Steele. "The United States lags behind many other countries in delivery of ground-breaking advances in quality medical care."

Steele adds, "One of the benefits of the new discoveries is to save dogs' lives from cancer. This was discovered in the initial testing. Millions of dogs die of cancer each year. The new product is made in the United States but, only offered for export. They are waiting for government permission to import the cure to Brazil and save all the dogs there from cancer. Dog owners will no longer have the pain of loss of their best friend once the product is allowed into Brazil."

Cancer Cleared Clinics is in the last phase of seeking initial financing. Each Clinic costs $200,000 to establish. They have a new concept of cancer medical tourism. Each clinic will be located in a resort making the treatment a vacation. The treatment only requires 45 minutes a day for seven consecutive days. The rest of the day the client is free to enjoy their vacation with their family. There is no chemotherapy, surgery or radiation.

SOURCE Cancer Cleared Clinics