New Carbon-Neutral Packaging is Music to Your Ears

~Oasis Disc Manufacturing Pioneers Premier Eco-Friendly CD and DVD Packaging~

Feb 01, 2011, 09:00 ET from Oasis Disc Manufacturing

DELAIR, N.J., Feb. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Music has long affected our lives in immeasurable ways and now it can have a positive impact on the environment.  Oasis Disc Manufacturing, the leader in CD & DVD manufacturing and packaging for independent musicians and filmmakers, is the first disc manufacturer to offer a 100% carbon neutral CD (including its packaging) to its clients.

The new Oasis Zero Carbon Footprint Digipak™ features the Oasis BottleTray: a flexible clear tray for CDs made 100% from water bottles which would otherwise be destined for a landfill or the incinerator, made to Oasis specifications by Sunlyte Packaging in Biddeford, Maine. It reduces carbon emissions by 88% overall compared to a jewel case (65% compared to a conventionally-trayed Digipak).  

Just as importantly, the entire CD manufacturing, package, assembly and UPS shipping are now rendered 100% carbon neutral, thanks to carefully sourced carbon offset credits certified by (Carbonfund was named the 2010 Reader's Choice Best Carbon Offset Provider by TreeHugger.)

Oasis Disc Manufacturing has long been a leader in the music industry for promoting sustainable practices, while continuing to offer musicians a unique and quality presentation of their work.

"I'm especially excited because The Oasis Zero Carbon Footprint Digipak™ has a triple value of  reducing landfill use, plastic consumption, and harm to the earth's atmosphere!" says Oasis President and Founder Micah Solomon, adding, "As always, we're very passionate about putting out great independent content by our clients while finding new, earth-friendly ways to manufacture it."

Oasis customers are already getting on the Zero Carbon Footprint Digipak™ bandwagon, including top-selling children's musicians and four-time Grammy® nominees Trout Fishing In America.  Group manager, Dick Renko says this long-time Oasis client is interested in "migrating our catalog and new titles to the Oasis Zero Carbon Footprint Digipak format. It's very much in keeping with Trout Fishing In America's long-running commitment to the environment."

The Oasis Zero Carbon Footprint Digipak is now offered in 4, 6, and 8 panel configurations.

About Oasis Disc Manufacturing

Oasis Disc Manufacturing is a replicator of CDs and DVDs for independent musicians, filmmakers, software developers and other content providers. Oasis has offices in Manhattan and in the Washington, DC area (Springfield, VA), and one of the most-visited websites in the industry, It has long been an innovator in "green" CD and DVD packaging, including the Oasis Soft-Spot® hub packaging, The Oasis Secret Envelope™ self-closing package, and extensive lines of Digipak and wallet configurations.  

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