New children's book offers important life lessons

"Tale of a Baboon from Botswana" by Richard O. Marsh follows the interactions and lessons learned between a disorderly baboon and a tortoise

Mar 26, 2013, 17:32 ET from Richard Marsh

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif., March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Having traveled all over the world, Richard Marsh has had the opportunity to meet new people, experience new traditions and listen to their stories. The one story that has stuck with him throughout the years is the one passed onto him from Vundi, a member of the Bantu tribe in Botswana. He shares the story passed onto Vundi by his grandfather in the children's story "Tale of a Baboon from Botswana" (ISBN 1479344702).

In "Tale of a Baboon from Botswana," young readers meet a rather unruly and unmannerly baboon. At a watering hole in Botswana, the baboon meets a Kalahari tortoise, who he invites for dinner in his palm tree. But as we all know, tortoises cannot climb trees. Left alone and without dinner, the tortoise decides to teach the rather rude primate a lesson with some help from his fellow animals.

From interacting with our fellow man, or animal, to having manners and respect for one another, "Tale of a Baboon from Botswana" teaches children important life lessons through the eyes of the animal world. Written for readers ages 4 to 10, this book is deeply rooted in African folklore while offering moral lessons that can be useful for children all around the world.

"Children will enjoy the simple yet engaging narrative while parents will appreciate the values it upholds and lessons it delivers,  A sweet story that takes on life's bigger lessons." —Kirkus Review.

"Tale of a Baboon from Botswana" is available for sale online at, Kindle and other channels.

Raised in Minnesota and Iowa, Richard Marsh lived on a farm and attended a one-room schoolhouse for eight grades. He earned his bachelor's from Iowa State University before serving in the United States Army, where he did top-secret research. Marsh's work has taken him around the world, from Africa to South America to the Far East. Now retired, he has written multiple children's stories, but "Tale of a Baboon from Botswana" is the first one he has published.

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