New Comply™ Foam Plugs Cut the Intensity without Compromising the Listening Experience

Acoustic baffling and high-pass filter design revolutionize the sound experience without distorting sound quality and damaging hearing

Aug 30, 2012, 10:03 ET from Hearing Components


OAKDALE, Minn., Aug. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Addressing the need for comfortable ear plugs that cut the intensity of surrounding sound levels without compromising the quality of the sound, Hearing Components has introduced the Comply™ Foam Plugs. A natural extension of the Comply™ brand, the plugs are ideally suited for the concert goer and frequent traveler alike. With a similar feel to Comply™ Foam Tips, the plugs are available online at for $19.95.


Unlike traditional ear plugs currently used by concert-goers, event spectators and musicians that distort the sound by "muffling" the mid and high frequencies, Comply™ Foam Plugs use acoustic baffling and high-pass filters to even out the sound blocking across the entire frequency spectrum. As a result, the user experiences hi-fidelity retention along with a noise reduction rating of 15dB.

For the traveler, the Comply™ Foam Plug design dampens the sounds associated with airplane, rail and transit travel without inhibiting the user's ability to hear announcements.

Recognizing that comfort and personal fit are important elements as well, the plugs leverage the popular Comply™ foam tip that holds the plugs securely in place while lowering noise isolation to allow outside sounds in.

"Those of us who use them know how distracting most ear plugs can be," says Steve Thompson, director of sales and marketing for Hearing Components. "Beyond the muffled sound, they are uncomfortable and cumbersome but most of all don't stay in place for any length of time. We've designed the Comply™ Foam Plugs with the idea that you'll forget you're wearing them and simply enjoy the moment."

Made with high-tech, viscoelastic polyurethane foam, the Comply Foam Plugs are 30-times softer than silicone tips. The heat-sensitive, breathable foam conforms to the dynamic shape of the ear canal and maintains a proper seal even when the individual is singing along at their favorite concert, celebrating a buzz beating goal or just relaxing on a plane enjoying an inflight meal.

The patented technology behind Comply™ Foam Plugs is unrivaled. With engineering based on knowledge of ear-canal structure and with innovative memory-foam technology, Comply™ products dramatically enhance the listening experience.

Available online at for $19.95 U.S. (plus shipping and handling), each Comply™ Foam Plugs package includes one pair of plugs, 2 pairs of Comply Foam Tips T-100 and a cinch travel pouch.

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