New Consumer App, Panel, Unveils Targeted, Discreet Messaging Solution For Professionals

Jul 15, 2015, 13:23 ET from Panel, LLC

MINNEAPOLIS, July 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Panel, LLC is pleased to announce the release of its iOS app, Panel, now available for free download, along with screenshots, in the App Store. The app was created to address a large, underserved area of communication where a universal problem continues to persist for professionals, according to the app's creators.

"Even with all the existing social channels and networks currently available, there still remains a concerning inability to reach an appropriately targeted audience to discuss sensitive work, or career-related matters, without fear of it getting back to you," related the company's founder and CEO, Brandon Ward. "Ultimately, many important matters go un-discussed, either in person, or online, simply because there is too much professional risk involved with entertaining that conversation."

The initial idea for Panel occurred to Mr. Ward, a career enterprise software sales professional, in the form of a messaging app designed purely for sales people to assist their peers. However, it soon became apparent that the app had broader appeal, and was capable of facilitating value across numerous disciplines, departments, and industries, as Ward further detailed in a recent blog post concerning Panel's origin.

Notably in 2014, there was a well-documented wave of 'anonymous' communication apps that quickly rose in popularity, and were discussed widely within the tech community. A few managed to raise extraordinary sums of funding from VC's, while others have either shut down completely, or continue to focus only on certain demographics, such as college students. Other 'anonymous' apps for professionals have since emerged, but ironically require identifying information, such as corporate email addresses, or social network credentials.

"There are already enough identity-based social networks. And conversely, 'anonymity' without relevance or context, for professionals, is pretty useless," Ward emphasized. While Panel is not describing itself as an anonymous app, it does not require an email address, name, contact list, or any social network credentials, nor do users connect with, or follow each other. Rather, user profiles and message targeting rely on the following descriptors:

i) Title / Role
ii) Department
iii) Industry

Panel then provides its users with an easy-to-navigate, "1-to-Many", content-centric messaging environment. Since its launch last week, the company has already gained the attention of local and national media outlets, including Minnesota Business magazine, TECHdotMN, and AdWeek.

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