New Consumer Site Provides Consumer Options to Obtain Fair and Ethical Credit Cards

Jan 05, 2010, 14:00 ET from Credit Card Connection

CHICAGO, Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- A new consumer website Credit Card Connection has debuted just in time to provide American consumers alternative credit card options in retaliation against the unfair and unethical practices recently implemented by major bank card issuers.

Ondine Irving, owner of Card Analysis Solutions, a national credit union consultancy firm, is the driving force in creating this website. Her foresight and consumer advocacy has garnered attention from national personal financial expert, Suze Orman. Ms. Orman has most recently placed on her popular website, This new consumer site was recently featured on an episode of Larry King Live.

"This is a tremendous time for consumers to move their credit cards away from banks. Bank issuers have clearly mistreated their credit card holders in 2009 and have blamed it on everything from the economy to the Credit Card Act of 2009," Irving said. "When card programs falter, there is a balance between managing expenses and income. Banks have chosen to maximize the income side of the equation by increasing fees and rates to the consumer, rather than reducing their own expenses. Credit Unions have always treated their cardholders with fairness and maintained an equal balance of card program income and expenses, without having the cardholder be the scapegoat".

Consumers enter their ZIP code and a listing of credit unions with fair and ethical credit card programs will appear. Each credit union's credit card program is rated on a five star rating system: interest rates not to exceed 18%, no balance transfer fees, no penalty pricing, no annual fees and late fees which will never exceed $25. Consumers can choose the credit union and card program which best suits their own card usage needs. Credit Unions must sign up to be listed and do not pay a fee for inclusion on the site.


Card Analysis Solutions was created in 2003 to assist credit unions in understanding the perceived complexities of card-program management. Owner/founder Ondine Irving provides credit unions with objective and independent information about the financial, operational, and marketing aspects of credit card portfolio performance. It is Card Analysis Solutions' mission to help credit unions in developing fair and ethical credit card programs for their members. For more information, visit

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