New Dating Merchandise - Your Next Connection is in the Cards

FlipMe™ Moves the Dating Game OFFLINE, Puts Fate Back in Your Hands

Jun 22, 2010, 05:20 ET from FlipMe

WALL, N.J., June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- FlipMe dating (, a new retail product with an online component, is giving singles the chance to make connections they might otherwise miss. It's as simple as looking, liking and flipping.

Instead of relying on online profiles and pictures in your search for "Mr. or Mrs. Right," FlipMe cards allow you to see if there's a real-life physical attraction before you make your move.  By handing them a FlipMe card, you can connect with that person you see in the subway, a bar, or at a coffee shop who makes your stomach flip.

FlipMe dating cards are designed as an open invitation to connect with the person that has piqued your interest without any pressure. This personalized and secure dating card serves as a safe platform to exchange conversation. It is also an alternative to handing out a cold business card, which can come across as a business transaction rather than a flirty exchange.

Each card includes the private online ID code of the "flipper" as well as a unique "CardCode" that opens up a secure line of communication between the flipper and the individual recipient of the card. The card also contains FlipMe's catch phrase "I've said, 'What if?' too many times. Not this time," along with directions on how to contact the flipper. If the person you flipped is interested, they can log on to, enter the FlipperID and CardCode and contact you directly.

Creators John and Rachel DeAlto met through a "flip" experience of their own and were inspired to launch this product to make the dating game a little easier and a lot more fun. Rachel caught the eye of her future husband at a restaurant while dining with her parents. Sensing a connection, John left a note with the waitress along with his phone number and asked the waitress to slip Rachel the note after he left. Rachel got the note, had liked what she saw and gave him a call. They were engaged six weeks later and have been married since August 2005.

"I was so surprised when I got John's note! I didn't know anything about him, but I did know that there was a spark between us based on our eye contact," comments DeAlto. "After that experience, we decided that the perfect dating formula needs to allow for that initial face-to-face chemistry to be the starting point for a relationship. There are so many times that people have an experience like John and I, but that chance is lost because there wasn't a way to connect with the other person in a safe way without the fear of rejection. FlipMe cards offer that."

FlipMe cards are available for $24.99 per pack (each pack contains 30 cards and a three month membership to Refill your cards and extend your membership for $14.99 (30 cards & an additional three month membership). If you hand out your cards like Halloween candy, you can purchase extra 10-packs of cards for $4.99 at anytime. There is no shipping fee for any purchase. FlipMe cards are available online at, and will be in retail stores nationwide by the end of 2010. An iPhone and Blackberry application will be available by August 2010.