New DeoActive® Fragrances from Arylessence Eliminate Odors and Conform to EPA Ingredient List

Developed exclusively for EPA-registered products, Arylessence DeoActive® fragrance technology provides superior odor elimination with advanced odor-neutralizing technology

Sep 26, 2011, 17:37 ET from Arylessence, Inc.

ATLANTA, Sept. 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Arylessence DeoActive® fragrance technology provides marketers of EPA-registered products with superior odor elimination and a wide variety of contemporary, consumer-friendly scents. Over 16 DeoActive® fragrances have been tested effective in eliminating smoke, pet, cooking, and biological malodors, and leaving behind clean-smelling, invigorating freshness. DeoActive® technology allows for the creation of fragrances that not only improve odor management, but also provide lasting effectiveness over an extended period of time.

"DeoActive® technology takes odor management a huge step forward," says Arylessence President Steve Tanner. "If your product formulations are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you can now choose fragrances made entirely from materials on the EPA's fragrance ingredient list (FIL). These advanced, odor-neutralizing fragrances provide superior odor-elimination solutions without the need for separate malodor counteractants in your products. Instead of unpleasant odors, the consumer can now enjoy a fresh, contemporary, clean-smelling ambience that lasts."

Innovative science

DeoActive® fragrances are created with a unique combination of ingredients that combine with malodor molecules to change the way the malodor is perceived by the human sense of smell. No longer recognized as unpleasant, the malodor is effectively 'deconstructed' and the consumer experiences a fresh, clean-smelling ambience. DeoActive® scents are developed from a full spectrum of contemporary fragrance notes including herbals, woods, fresh florals, powdery notes, fruits, berries, citrus, spices, and ozones.

Unlike heavy, masking agents that 'camouflage' malodors, or old-fashioned counteractants that attempt to 'bury' the malodor, DeoActive® ingredients 'reconfigure' malodor molecules, effectively eliminating what makes them unpleasant.

"No additional odor management ingredients are needed in products that use DeoActive® technology," says Karen Mack, Principal Scientist at Arylessence. "DeoActive® ingredients perform the odor management role as part of the fragrance itself, used at normal fragrance levels."

Saving time and regulatory steps, DeoActive® fragrances can be certified and added to an existing EPA registration without resubmitting the entire product formulation.

Proven to eliminate odors

In rigorous panel testing, DeoActive® room sprays proved effective in eliminating smoke, pet and garlic odors. Compared with other fresheners, key DeoActive® fragrances outperformed the consumer spray leader in controlled tests. In laundry applications, DeoActive® fabric softeners outperformed leading consumer brands in reducing malodor intensity and remained effective for up to 96 hours.

Application options for DeoActive® fragrances include a wide variety of malodors and locations, including smoke, pet and food odors, bathroom and kitchen odors, laundry and fabric care, food service operations, waste management, healthcare environments, and long-term care facilities.

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