New Development in Lawn Care Helps Use Water More Efficiently

Water Smart Improves a Lawn's Ability to Absorb Water and Nutrients

Mar 23, 2011, 09:50 ET from Scotts LawnService

COLUMBUS, Ohio, March 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- With spring just around the corner, homeowners looking for a thicker, greener lawn have a new treatment option that can help optimize water usage, while building better turf.

Developed by Scotts LawnService® in conjunction with other industry-leading companies, Water Smart® contains a patented new formulation that improves a lawn's ability to absorb water and nutrients. By breaking the surface tension of the soil, Water Smart helps move fertilizer and other nutrients into the soil more evenly and uniformly, to make every drop of water the lawn receives work harder. In testing, lawns treated with Water Smart achieved the same turf quality using up to 25 percent less water than lawns treated without Water Smart – with all other treatments being equal.

"Lawns need sufficient water to keep them green and thick," said Lee Schaber, vice president of technical support for Scotts LawnService, and one of the developers of Water Smart. "Water Smart allows lawns to use the water they get more efficiently and also reduces runoff – meaning more water is absorbed into the soil and roots of your lawn. Think of it like an 'insurance policy' – Water Smart makes the watering you do more effective, helping to ensure a healthier lawn."

Schaber adds that proper watering is essential to a healthy lawn. "Most lawns require about an inch of water per week to thrive. Water Smart doesn't change that; it simply maximizes the effectiveness of all of the water that your lawn gets."

Water Smart is available exclusively through Scotts LawnService, and is included with all of Scotts' annual programs. For more information or to find a Scotts LawnService provider, visit or call 888-8-SCOTTS.

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