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The new Lifestyle Smart Television Network VRTUO INTERACTIVE, plans to provide Interactive programming to travelers through, taking the vacation to the next level from the sportsman's paradise

Aug 18, 2015, 13:45 ET from SmartMed Plus Networks, LLC

MIAMI, Aug. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SMARTMED PLUS NETWORKS, LLC an emerging international health and wellness discount benefits provider and owner of the newest most advanced virtual media network today, announced the launch of the world's most advanced vacation site and several of the network's anchor reality series have joined in on the fun of introducing the programs to the world.

The smart television network is to provide scheduled programming similar to that of traditional cable or satellite television but through smart televisions made after 2012 or through IPTV over the top platforms such as Roku, Apple TV, Google TV and/or through common home type game consoles such as Play Stations, Xbox LIVE and other devices making most homes now accessible to a globalized audience under the VrTuo Interactive World of Networks.

SmartMed Plus Networks has been developing VrTuo Interactive to produce, manage the production of original programming for its discount medical bundle members as a media reward. The networks, as a stand alone has evolved to new market opportunities such as retail and hospitality in-room televisions. The programs are being produced under a traditional television scheduled format that appears in continual play and on-demand access through VrTuo Interactive Studios.

VrTuo Interactive a hybrid between television and today's social media environments typical of content hosting such as YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo to name a few.  VrTuo is taking aim at the quality of content first the others can not harvest to the opinion of most experts.

A lost art amongst the publishers, producers and distributors of historic terrestrial television as we know it today is the quality first standard set by VrTuo Interactive.  The network has been developed to an anticipating global society, one starved of quality media content options. VrTuo Interactive… is a guide to the future of smart television around the world.

The Smart television network will provide on-demand general entertainment media rewards to members with an emphasis in real time healthy lifestyle programming. The network is being distributed to approximately 142 countries to smart televisions in most all developed countries. VrTuo provides programming to private closed circuit and retail subscription member platforms. The network is providing members with an advanced tutorial multimedia platform for ondemand use in virtual real time health sciences and accessing high demand media loyalty rewards.

The new smart television comedy series from VrTuo Interactive Studios, the 'Bogue Chitto Express', was developed to provide reality television viewers a chance to appear on a real reality series made for television 'live' in person.  The Lane Twins Adventures, a sister show also available this fall on VrTuo Interactive, has been issued a challenge on the bayou to kick off the emphasis to the travelers of the extremely fun bayou experience, something Swamp People and Duck Dynasty can not provide viewers.

The twins are challenging one another in an outdoor excursion, an obstacle course under a $10,000.00 bayou bounty. An outdoor challenge that takes the traveler deep into the action, at a chance to share in the winnings of the river excursion turned obstacle course. The public can choose from one of the twins' teams for a chance to attend and attach to the contest as a team member to each team respectfully while booked to the excursion.

The winners of the bayou challenge will meet in the finals against the cast of the 'Bogue Chitto Express' in Nashville, Tennessee. The winning team will face the 'Chief' and 'River Runner' and the rest of the zany cast of the Bogue Chitto Express, for a NASCAR experience racing challenge trophy and $10,000.00.  The winning team from the bayou, an all expenses paid vacation to music city and appearances on episode two in continuation, with the winning team participating in the NASCAR challenge as a qualifying inroad. 

The winning team from the bayou challenge, earns a chance to win the grand prize.  Smart television reality bragging rights don't forget that. The show's characters are mixed with the excitement of the new comedy hosted from deep on the bayou, and the Lane Twins' Adventures both upcoming series this fall in the VrTuo World of Lifestyles. This promises to be an epic bayou event for smart television viewers to be introduced to the two shows and you can learn more by visiting right now, for more information on how to join the teams and get to the bootie on the bayou.

About SmartMed Plus Networks, LLC:  SmartMed Plus Networks is an international smart television gateway, providing discounted health and wellness products and services, focusing on interactive programming for live human engagement.  The network is considered the first globally distributed true smart television total health and wellness lifestyle media platform, providing health, as well as a general entertainment media reward platform to its members providing recorded and live events on-demand.

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