New Epidemic Hits the Business World

Jun 18, 2014, 09:05 ET from Gripzo

KLAZIENAVEEN, The Netherlands, June 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

If the numbers are right, the business world is heading straight for an epidemic. Theft and loss of tablets is going to be the biggest problem in the upcoming years. Ever since the massive amount of tablets in the working environment - which started about two years ago - this problem is growing fast. According to IDC's 'laptop theft' research study already 91 percent of companies in the United States is dealing with theft and loss of tablets. Theft of mobile devices is up 21 percent in comparison to last year. Robert van Balen van Gripzo BV - specialist in theft prevention of tablets and smartphones - states: "It's unbelievable that many organizations still refuse to acknowledge the problem."

Tablet theft - mainly business problem 

Individuals appear to handle their purchased tablet with much more care. They've had to work hard for it and in some cases the last savings were spent on it. However the essence of the problem lies somewhere else. Moral of the business user is considerably lower. The frequently used tablet is obtained by the boss after all. "If it breaks down or is stolen, I'm just gonna ask for a new one." This mentality underlies the high theft rates. The business user handles the tablet, as well as the filed confidential data, without care. However it is not just the employee's fault. Organizations fail to draw up protocols to stimulate theft prevention. At the same time current and existing antitheft facilities are still not being taken seriously. And that is pretty remarkable.

Theft prevention fairly simple 

Robert van Balen of the company Gripzo has developed a security device which is very easy to use. With help of the so called Gorilla Grip, theft is prevented in a simple way. With the Gorilla Grip (see picture) the tablet is locked and unlocked by the owner/key holder within seconds. As a result, the user is not required to take the tablet everywhere he goes and can leave it safely in the workplace. This mechanical antitheft solution is unique and adjustable to all kinds of tablet sizes.

Multiple target groups and industries fail to realize they are an easy prey. Any place tablets are used regularly, the possibility of theft is lurking. Offices, hospitals, museums, restaurants and rental businesses are vulnerable and until this day they have taken poor antitheft precautions. Also electronic stores (show models), music studios and (semi)-public institutions should realize that theft of tablets is a big problem which needs to be tackled.