New Facility Sought in Puget Sound Area to Accommodate Heavy Metal Remediation in China

- WI Environmental Positioned to Assist

Mar 03, 2011, 14:18 ET from WI Environmental LLC

SEATTLE, March 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to the announcement in China regarding heavy metal remediation, WI Environmental LLC is now actively looking for a second blending facility space in the greater Puget Sound area to accommodate China's five year plan to remediate heavy metals, estimating $11.41 billion, to be spent on plan. WI Environmental's trademarked chemical XR-88 remediates and turns benign heavy metals and poisons leaving them harmless to the environment. WI Environmental, working with the Shenzhen Waste Management Company, recently was approved by Hengyang Governments Coordination of Chromium Pollution Leading Group (CCPCLG) and well met the China National Standard for chromium residue.

Over the last six years, WI Environmental, working with Chinese companies, has consistently passed the China National Standards for remediation of heavy metals. In regards to remediation of hexavalent chromium, XR-88 is the only known product that can treat this dangerous by-product once and permanently. Using other products can alter hexavalent chromium but it will always revert back over time. XR-88 does extremely well treating acid mine drainage and cadmium most recently found in some of the rice crops in China. The biggest advantage to XR-88 is once remediation is completed there is no need to dispose of the treated materials to hazardous waste sites.

In the near future WI Environmental will be looking for partners in China for sales, distribution and application of its XR-88 product line. "We believe working with Chinese companies is the best possible solution for the implementation of XR-88. To date we have had great success in working with Chinese companies and unlike some other companies we have tried to work with they take great time and detail in their work," said Timothy Wandell, president of WI Environmental.

XR-88 has consistently passed all China National Standards, U.S. EPA Standards and Washington state requirements.

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