New Film, Suicide Party, Addresses Foreclosure Crisis and Suicide-Related Deaths

Oct 22, 2012, 10:08 ET from Changemakers Productions

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SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- What would you do if you had been very successful but now couldn't find work and were about to lose your house and all you hold dear? It's a problem leading to suicide in the US and internationally today.


It is also the theme of a new film: Suicide Party, which has just been launched with a cloud funding campaign on IndieGoGo at and will be filmed in December or January and completed in March or April 2013. Dave, once a top salesperson, has 30 days before he will be evicted and lose everything.  So he decides to have a Suicide Party with the help of his best friend; if he raises enough he'll live; if not he'll end it all. Once he announces the party, it goes viral and he not only becomes a guest on a TV interview show, but all sorts of attitudes about suicide are brought into open – from the views of suicide prevention and rights advocates to Tea Party members and Jehovah Witnesses.  Views about inequality, the foreclosure crisis, homelessness, and what to do about it all are raised, too. Dave even gets death threats for proposing such a party, and once the party happens, it creates more controversy and leads to Dave's struggle with new-found fame.

The Suicide Party raises many of questions about what is happening in society today, using a dramatic ripped-from-the headlines story. The cloud funding campaign will raise money for production, marketing, promotion, and creating books and workshops based on the film.

The film is featured in a 2-minute clip in which the writer/producer Gini Graham Scott talks about the film and shows a brief introduction to it at  Also, a 30-second sizzle reel ( and a 2-minute trailer reel ( introduce the film and show Dave gaining Biff's help to put on the party.  Another video shows the first episode:, although the feature will be directed and filmed by a director/cinematographer with extensive experience creating films, including work for the 49ers.

The film has been written and is being produced by Gini Graham Scott and her company Changemakers Productions. The script, now a Screenplayfest finalist, was inspired by her experiences in coming to the end of her credit line and nearly losing her house after defaulting on her mortgage, though she was able to sell it within a few days of putting it on the market and moved to San Francisco in May, where she lives by the ocean. 

Now, besides speaking and writing about how others can deal with the mortgage mess, she has just published a series of books: Living In Limbo: From the Beginning to the EndStuck in the Middle…and From Endings to New Beginnings… about her experience.  All three books are combined in Living In Limbo: From The End To New Beginnings available on Amazon at

She wrote and produced a music video inspired by the foreclosure mess – Bad, Bad Banks (, which tells her story in dealing with the Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Citibank in a light-hearted humorous way. It has just been released on YouTube and other video sharing sites, and has nearly 400 views so far.  She is also a member of Causa Justa, a group helping to keep people from losing their homes.

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SOURCE Changemakers Productions