New Forest Communications Announces That It Has Just Crossed the 100,000 Connected Devices Milestone

Jan 05, 2016, 10:27 ET from NFC Group PR

LONDON, January 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Whilst this is a drop in the ocean in the Internet of Things (IoT), for every SIM connection, the company thinks there are a further 25 Orion connections to be gained. Since the Orion network does not use SIM cards, the cost of providing real time asset tracking and asset monitoring is substantially reduced.

"The forecasts come from talking to our existing clients and understanding what assets they would ideally monitor and track, if price was not a constraint," said head of marketing, Jonathan Olliff-Cooper. "This puts the total UK market opportunity at around two million devices, and that's just with the companies using our systems today. Orion is going to be a game changer."

"SIM based systems and Orion based systems are not exclusive. Clients will mix and match for different verticals, but in general, Orion's small size and near real time capability suits many applications very well," continued Jonathan.

Analysis of the market has shown that the typical cost of ownership over three years for a SIM based asset tracking device is between £400 and £600 in the UK. This may include monitoring and recovery services. However, an Orion based solution is coming in around 80% less, at typically under £100 or even £80 per unit. This has led to many companies trialling the Orion solution. What is unique is that NFC provides the hardware, infrastructure and software, making it an attractive choice for corporations looking for a complete turkey solution. Critically, the Orion Data Network can be deployed very quickly in almost any environment. This makes it possible to conceive and trial a solution in a matter of days.

About New Forest Communications Limited 

NFC builds and supplies wireless battery powered telecommunications hardware for the global logistics and security markets spanning a wide area of sectors and verticals. Around 60,000 devices where produced last year alone. The Orion data network is licence free. Orion is used for the real time tracking of assets and asset monitoring anywhere in the world.  

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