New Gardening Solutions for Christmas 2015 from Best4Garden

Nov 30, 2015, 03:00 ET from Ltd.

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Christmas is just around the corner and buying for a gardener during winter can seem an impossible task. Best4Garden offers their recommended products which are suitable for year round use.

Two successful new lines for gardening were introduced by Best4Garden this year. Both of these two lines have introduced the newest improvements to gardening tasks. The Dual Tumbling Composter is the first to offer two compartments, enabling easier and more efficient composting. The Seat n Roll is the newest, pain-free way to deal with tasks such as weeding or planting.

Simple Gardening Solution - Making Weeding Enjoyable. 

A common issue for many gardeners is that weeding and planting can require long periods of standing or kneeling. These leave you feeling sore and when the ground is wet or muddy, soggy and dirty. This is where Best4Gardens first recommendation of the "Seat n Roll" offers a great solution.

The Seat n Roll is a new solution on the market for gardeners which see's a strong tool box with four rugged wheels made from lightweight plastic. The toolbox section allows for all their gardening tools to be kept together in one place. The large heavy-duty wheels enable an easy, comfortable movement over any surfaces, including lawns, gravel and soil etc. The Seat n Roll also has handles on both sides to make it easier to stand up from low levels.

Painless, Enjoyable Gardening 

The "Seat n Roll" turns a hard task into an enjoyable time in the Garden, without needing to bend and kneel for long painful periods. The Seat n Roll allows for Garden tasks to be carried out in a much quicker, easier way.

The Seat n Roll is a simple solution which makes an ideal Christmas gift for all gardeners, no matter their age or garden size.

Newest Composting Solutions 

Safer, Easier and Cleaner than Ever Before 

Another great solution, new for the Christmas Market this year is the Dual Tumbling Composter. The Dual Tumbling Composter enables the ability to keep adding material to the compost, whilst continuing to make compost in the second chamber. It also makes both the tumbling chambers lighter and very easy to turn. This allows for more air to enter the compost, speeding the process up - The compost is made in just 2-4 weeks.

Additional Benefits of New designed Composter 

This new exclusive design of tumbling composter, makes it easy to build up from a flat pack to the completed composter - in less than 20 minutes. While most tumbling composters are bulky and expensive, this design saves on space and manufacturing costs.

The design of the composter prevents rodents from entering the compost, whilst providing a simple efficient way to produce your own. The composters compact size makes it ideal for keeping in garages or sheds, as well as being used outdoors. Allow your gardening friends and family to make their own compost this Christmas.

Notes to Editor 

 1. Images can be supplied and Seat n Roll and and Dual Tumbler Composter

2. Website is as above, Amazon name is Best4Garden. 

   Seat n Roll available on website for £27.50 or Amazon for £31.35 

    Dual tumbling Composter on website for £62 or Amazon for £89.47 

3. Company Background: Best4Garden specialises in providing green solutions to ensure that gardening can be both easy, comfortable and enjoyable. Established since 2006, with the Enviro Lawn edging  range, we now act as a manufacturer, wholesaler and ecommerce retailer. Another speciality is our wide range of gift plants that can be sent anywhere in Europe. These can be gift wrapped with hand written personalised cards.