New High-Fidelity Sound Filters Reduce "Sonic Hangovers" and Deliver Better Concert Experiences

DownBeats help sonic connoisseurs enjoy live sound without immediate and future hearing damage

Jan 23, 2013, 15:24 ET from DownBeats

CHICAGO, Jan. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Superfans and sonic connoisseurs are finally getting what they deserve—a longer, more satisfying and less painful live sound experience—with DownBeats, the discreet, cheap, but impressively effective high-fidelity sound filters developed by Chicago entrepreneur and avid concertgoer Derin Alemli.

"These aren't your parents' ear plugs," said Alemli, the 28-year-old founder and CEO of DownBeats. While traditional earplugs mute and muffle sound and are generally awkward to wear, DownBeats are comfortable, low-profile and designed to filter sound; they deliver a pristine, balanced sonic experience without all the painful highs and lows or distracting background noise. "It's less like turning down the volume knob and more like adjusting the sliders on your amplifier to highlight the best parts of what you're listening to," said  Alemli. "You'll still hear it all, particularly music but also conversation with your friends, just improved and without that sonic hangover afterwards."

Consumers and industry experts agree and are responding with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Jeremy Frazier, editor-in-chief at, an online journal of live music and concert reviews, found DownBeats' style of flanged silicone plugs to be the most solid and consistent pair he has tried. "They allow the bass to soak into your ears without any rattling or percussive sensations. But even farther back in the crowd, they perfectly cut the fuzz off the top of the sound leaving a crisp feeling in your ears," he said.

DownBeats' effectiveness is due to sonic leveling technology that brings desired sound levels within the range the human ear can hear, reducing damaging highs and lows by up to 18 decibels, without affecting sound quality. This reduction mitigates the "sonic hangover", or temporary threshold shift (TTS), a condition where the minimum volume the ear can hear rises after prolonged exposure to loud noise; the ear becomes accustomed to the loudness so much so that it expects that elevated level to be the new norm. With repeated exposure, TTS can lead to more permanent hearing damage including tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and early-onset hearing loss, and studies show this trend is increasing and affecting people at younger ages.

"I developed DownBeats to give sonic enthusiasts like me a way to continue to enjoy the live music they love and hear it the way it was intended," said Alemli. "They're effective, inexpensive and ready on-the-go."

Packaged in a convenient and durable anodized aluminum carrying case that easily clips onto keys, belts or bags, DownBeats retail for $9.99 on and will be available on-site at venues, festivals and live events.


Derin Alemli

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