New ICE BlackBox App Launches To Decrease Bullying & Physical Offenses

Apr 19, 2013, 14:45 ET from ICE BlackBox

LOS ANGELES, April 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ( – With physical abuse and bullying remaining a serious problem worldwide why not use the technologies we cling to as defense? ICE BlackBox is a revolutionary new way to use your cell phone to defend against attacks from bullies, strangers and other violent offenders by streaming information to a secure server that can alert authorities.

"This app has the ability to significantly decrease the amount of several physical and bullying related offenses simply by clicking a button," said Ed Horcasitas, Founder and CEO. "It's not just an app, it's a movement and the more awareness brought to this movement, the more lives we can potentially save."

In the instance of an attack, the user launches the app. Once launched the camera turns on immediately establishing a connection to the ICE BlackBox servers, sending all video, audio and GPS information picked up. The user can also use the 911 capabilities by clicking DIAL 911; once clicked the ICE (in case of emergency) contacts previously input are notified via text with a link to review the recordings.

In an effort to raise awareness amongst youth specifically dealing with the issue of bullying, ICE BlackBox has teamed up with Los Angeles based anti-bullying non-profit organization, Be More Heroic.

"We have full confidence that this app will be a game changer, both holding students accountable and giving educators an extra set of eyes and ears," said Sierra Dowd, Founder and Co-President of Be More Heroic. "Not to mention it is imperative we are teaching youth to use technology in a safe, positive way."

This app is currently available to iPhone users only for $4.99 per year but will soon be made available to android carriers.


ICE BlackBox, established February 2013, is a mobile application company leveraging technology to empower all to defend against abuse in its many forms. Join us on our mission to create a safer world.

Be More Heroic, established in November of 2011, is an anti-bullying non profit organization dedicated to inspiring individuals to become influential and engaged advocates against bullying who seek to make an impact in their schools and communities. For more information visit