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At last, possibly the most anticipated addition to the fishing tackle range arrives online. The bait range is split into a range of Boilies, Groundbait, pop-ups floaters and pellets, and each comes with a top tip form Matt.

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  • Boilies: The boilies come in two flavours multi-fish and multi-fruit and both are designed to give anglers the edge over wary fish. By offering three different colours in one pack prevents pre-occupation and fear of any one particular bait source.  These boilies are designed to catch Carp, barbell, chub or Tench. The angler can use a variety of colours and flavours to bag that big catch!
  • Matt's top tip - "Tip the boilie on your hair rig with a piece of floating plastic corn - this will make it neutrally buoyant and combat the weight of your hook. Also try using two different colour boilies on a hair rig but cut them to a smaller irregular shape - I've caught big fish on this combination
  • Groundbait: The multi fruit groundbait is a classic formula that has worked for many seasons. Made from quality crumb and fish attractors, I can guarantee you'll be happy with this as a carpet feed of form various feeders.
  • Matt's Top tip -"mix my Multi-Fish groundbait 50/50 with Multi-Fruit to gain a brilliant new feed of your own. The blend of fruit and fishmeal is a deadly attractor."
  • Pop-up's: These top quality pop-up's are part of the 'Trio Attack' system meaning you get three different coloured pop-up's in one tub. These can be used with Matt Hayes Adventure boilies
  • MATT'S TOP TIP - "Change the shape of your pop-ups by cutting bits off the side - this will release extra flavour and make spooky fish much less wary."
  • Soft Hookers: High visibility, high leakage and high attraction. This range of soft SuperFruit and SuperFish is part of the 'Trio Attack' system - three different colours in one pot.
  • Floaters: The very best ready-prepared floating baits. Fishing doesn't come any simpler than this - hair-rig your soft floater, or simply hook it on direct, cast out….and catch a Carp. Matt Hayes floaters are flavoured, coloured and softened to perfection.
  • Pellet Mix: Multi-Pellet is part of the 'Trio Attack' family of bait that delivers anglers a range of solutions in one bag. In trials, we have found that by giving fish a number of different styles of pellets to feed on, it can cause Carp to be less cautious often leading to a 'feeding frenzy'. Catching bigger fish, and getting more bites, can often rely on small edges. The 'Trio Attack' is a proven advantage over other baits.
  • MATT'S TOP TIP - "By mixing the pellets the bait has different breakdown rates encouraging fish to feed harder. Tip the boilie on your rig with a piece of floating plastic corn - this will make it neutrally buoyant and combat the weight of your hook."

Check out the full fishing tackle range online at and keep up to date with offers and new arrivals on the official Facebook and Twitter pages.

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