New Intellectual Property Rights Solution Addresses Critical Issues for Media and Entertainment

Industry leaders Teradata, SAP and Capgemini together tackle IP rights problems that hamstring profitability and distribution

Jun 14, 2010, 14:05 ET from Teradata Corporation

DAYTON, Ohio, June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Teradata Intellectual Property Rights Insight, the new centralized content licensing rights and performance analysis solution from Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), SAP and Capgemini is now available. The new solution provides entertainment studios greater post-theatrical profitability through centralized management of all dimensions of intellectual property (IP) rights, such as availabilities, contract expiration and current title performance. Nearly 80 percent of film and content revenues come from post-theatrical channels.

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"The foundation of a successful multi-platform licensing strategy is the ability to quickly execute new, well-performing licensing deals across as many channels as possible. This requires a strong capability to track, monitor and respond to performance across many dimensions," said David Grant, vice president of industry marketing and solutions, Teradata Corporation. "It's not that studios lack the information they need, it's that the information is currently spread out across the enterprise. To most profitably manage their IP, they need to bring the disparate pieces together in a centralized environment to ask the right questions and achieve real-time responses."

Teradata® IP Rights Insight integrates Teradata's powerful analytics and ability to manage meaningful, detailed high-volume data, with the business intelligence flexibility of SAP® BusinessObjects™ business intelligence (BI) solutions. Built on the Teradata data warehouse platform, the new solution enables robust business intelligence to display IP rights across multiple dimensions, quickly alerting sales and licensing executives to key performance issues and additional content revenue opportunities. Teradata® IP Rights Insight delivers a robust set of dashboards and queries comprised of SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius® and SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence® software for ad-hoc query and analysis capabilities. These on-demand interactive views of key performance indicators such as title, licensee, market or geographical performance are critical to maximizing content licensing across every channel and window.

By using a Teradata data warehouse platform and the Teradata Logical Data Model for Media and Entertainment, companies can better understand the impact and outcomes of their global and multi-platform licensing strategies. This integrated information can also be used to manage contracts, to compare current versus historical licensee performance, and to manage underperforming licensees in near real-time.

Capgemini provides the integration services between a studio's existing disparate rights management systems and the Teradata data warehouse. "The traditional boundaries of distribution windows, channels, and even geographies are continuing to blur in this new world of digital distribution.  Added to the challenge is the increasing number and variety of products available to distribute, making navigating rights availability no minor feat," said Cameron Crosby, vice president, media and entertainment group at Capgemini. "The ability to rapidly visualize and act on untapped opportunities for usage as well as avoiding conflict is a strategic tool for IP-based companies in today's digital landscape."

"Because we work closely with our customers at SAP, we understand that in order to improve company performance, they need to have rights information at their fingertips," said Richard Whittington, senior vice president, industry solutions, media and entertainment, SAP. "This solution leverages the power of the SAP Intellectual Property Management application and SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions. It will provide a robust means of managing complex IP rights integrated with reporting tools to make quick, informed business decisions on how those rights are best monetized and distributed." The operational dashboards and queries were designed in extensive collaboration with leading Hollywood studio executives to present global views of real-time licensing activity across every dimension.

"IP Rights Insight builds a layer on top of a content owners' existing IP Rights Management infrastructure. This closes a visibility gap because those tools lack cross-channel views into the availabilities and analytics needed to manage licensing performance and profitability. Teradata is already a repository for detailed home entertainment data in almost every major studio and IP rights management is predominantly a data management and business intelligence issue for content exploitation. Teradata® IP Rights Insight leverages and integrates a media and entertainment company's existing IP rights management systems with critical title and financial performance data globally ― a combination that creates a single view of the entire IP licensing business," said Grant.

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