New iSmart Protection Revolutionizes Extended Warranty Programs for Apple Mobile Devices

For the equivalent price of a tank of gas, iSmart Protection, an extended warranty program for Apple mobile devices, offers two years of unlimited repairs with lower deductibles than any other warranty program.

Feb 16, 2012, 07:00 ET from iQue Repair, LLC

SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- iQue Repair, LLC,, announced the launch of their revolutionary iSmart Protection Plans,, for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices.  This announcement represents a major paradigm shift in the Smart phone and mobile device repair industry. 


iSmart Protection responds to significant feedback from Apple consumers and companies seeking changes in the way their investments are protected.  iSmart is pioneering a new kind of thinking consumers are hungry for; a mobile device extended warranty service focused on unlimited repairs rather than forcing costly replacements, device upgrades, and extended contracts. 

"The cost of owning mobile devices is high already and consumers are tired of paying exorbitant premiums for replacement programs when all they might need is a little maintenance," says iQue Repair Owner, KC Kelly. "Many warranties are front loaded with fees because we have been lead to believe our devices need to be replaced and not repaired.  The truth is, the vast majority of insured consumers don't cash in on new devices when they break and only a small percentage actually needs them replaced."

iSmart Protection is available nationwide offering the first ever Family, Group, Small Business and Large Organization plans at discounted prices. iSmart Protection is also available for millions of unprotected consumers with unlocked iPhones using other cell phone service providers like T-Mobile.

When asked how iSmart might compete with Apple's warranty program, Apple Care, Kelly responded, "Consumers need options and iSmart was specifically developed knowing the limitations of more than half a dozen warranty programs just like theirs." 

Morgan McKell, iQue Co-Owner added, "People love Apple products and as word gets out about iSmart, our hope is that it's one of those factors that sways reluctant consumers in Apple's favor, thinking, finally, an inexpensive warranty that makes sense."

McKell continued, "You can even register your damaged device with iSmart and get it repaired immediately after you've signed up.  Who else offers these kinds of services?"

Kelly concluded, "We're definitely putting money back into the consumer's pockets by offering the world's most reasonable protection plan. Think Repair, Not Replacement. Think iSmart."

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SOURCE iQue Repair, LLC