New Wise Ask! Feature Lets Property and Vacation Rental Hosts Bid for Your Business

How to Get Exactly What You Want From Your Accommodations... Be a Wise Ask

Mar 28, 2011, 10:42 ET from iStopOver

TORONTO, March 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Just when you thought your need for a gorgeous place to stay at about half the price of a hotel or your desire for down pillows, vegetarian food in the fridge and pet-friendly accommodations were too hard to satisfy, a new travel feature from lets property and vacation rental property owners bid for your business based on their ability to satisfy your requests.

"Wise Ask!," introduced by iStopOver, takes personalization and special requests to a new level, making the match between guest and host a simple type-and-wait exercise, rather than a time-consuming and frustrating search. iStopOver hosts are known for offering special amenities and extras that go beyond traditional hotel accommodations – things like BBQ grills on the balcony, pink cotton linen sheets, and Starbucks French Roast coffee beans in the pantry.

Whether you're a diva, rock star or jet-setting mogul, or just act like one when you travel, iStopOver can help you find the right match. So you think your requests are unusual? Check out these celebrity demands:  

"Our new 'Wise Ask!' feature lets people connect with multiple hosts at one time, allowing them to find that perfect match quickly and easily," said Anthony Lipschitz, CEO and co-founder of "iStopOver is a place for like-minded people to connect, no matter how quirky the request or preference."

Here's how it works:

 Go to and click on the "Wise Ask!" button

  1. Enter your specific requests … Kosher food in the fridge, a PlayStation 3 game console in the living room, and a 5-pound bag of Purina Dog Chow in the pantry.
  2. Listen to offers from hosts that meet your requests and bid on your business. "I'll take the cozy one-bedroom loft in Beverly Hills for $80."
  3. Enjoy your personally-customized accommodations for a most excellent vacation.

Ready, set ... be wise!

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