New Joint Health Gold Standard Study by ACCMER Published in Phytotherapy Research

Jan 25, 2010, 10:00 ET from Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine Education and Research

MARMORA, N.J., Jan. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- A double-blind, placebo-controlled study on osteoarthritis conducted by the Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine Education and Research (ACCMER) has been published in Phytotherapy Research (Dec 9, 2009).

The human trial involving 89 participants with osteoarthritis was conducted by Phillip Cheras, Ph.D. It showed an average 24 percent reduction in inflammation in subjects taking the active study agent and a broad spectrum of other beneficial actions including preservation of cartilage, maintenance of bone integrity and pain relief. Active participants in the study with osteoarthritis were administered high triterpene shea nut extract (FlexNow® with 100% SheaFlex70™) over a 15 week period. FlexNow reduced critical inflammatory markers including TNF-alpha, IL-6, and CRP. It also reduced the cartilage breakdown marker CTX-II in addition to pain levels.

Reduced CTX-II indicates cartilage protection; less TNF-alpha, IL-6 and C-reactive protein translates as benefits for joints and muscles and decreased pain levels, which mean improved quality of life.

"The recently published clinical study on FlexNow conducted at the Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine Education and Research provides evidence for the safety and efficacy of this product for the treatment of osteoarthritis," said Dr. Cheras. "The combination of pain relief, broad anti-inflammatory activity, bone turnover stabilization and cartilage preservation in subjects receiving FlexNow indicate that this agent is affecting more than just the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

"It also appears to be capable of slowing the progression of osteoarthritis and may have potential for the treatment of a range of other conditions in which inflammation plays a key role," he explained. "This beneficial combination of properties and the absence of side effects indicate that FlexNow should potentially be considered as a first line treatment for osteoarthritis."

To arrange for an interview with Dr. Cheras in Australia, and clinicians in the U.S., please contact Dean Draznin Communications 641-472-2257. Dr. Cheras is Adjunct Associate Professor with NatMed Research at Southern Cross University of New South Wales.

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SOURCE Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine Education and Research