New Leadspace Update Helps B2B Marketers Uncover Ideal Buyer Profile by Analyzing Big Social Data

Latest Release of Social Lead Targeting Solution Helps B2B Marketers Precisely Target Ideal Prospects Inside and Outside their Marketing Databases

Apr 24, 2013, 10:00 ET from Leadspace, Inc.

MENLO PARK, Calif., April 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Leadspace, Inc. today announced the release of a major update of its SaaS B2B social lead targeting solution designed to help B2B marketers achieve conversion rates higher than industry average through precise lead targeting. The new Leadspace is the first of its kind to automatically model Ideal Buyer Profiles using Big Data from the social web and give marketers the ability to generate on-demand targeted lead lists tuned for the Ideal Buyer Profile.

Automated Ideal Buyer Profile Modeling Delivers Precisely Targeted Leads

Leadspace eliminates the guesswork in identifying new prospects with the industry's first automated solution to create, analyze and optimize an Ideal Buyer Profile. By analyzing the online presence of existing customers from sources like social network postings, blogs, websites and other online activities, Leadspace creates a model of the Ideal Buyer Profile. Using this model, Leadspace helps B2B marketers and sales teams accurately identify more valuable prospects by scouring public and paid databases, the social web and existing lead databases for these same characteristics in new leads that fit the profile.

"Most of our leads were generated through marketing and partner referrals, and we wanted to dramatically increase the outbound pipeline generated by Sales and Sales Development by doing outbound prospecting and lead generation," said Kevin Akeroyd, SVP Field Operations at gamification leader Badgeville. "We launched Leadspace almost a year ago, and our Sales and Sales Development-driven pipeline has since increased by over 400 percent."

Common View of Ideal Buyer Knocks Down Walls Between Marketing and Sales

Once the Ideal Buyer Profile is identified, Leadspace now enables marketers to continuously update and tweak the profile through its online interface, which suggests optimizations, such as targeting a new job function or technology, to fine-tune the targeting process in real time based on solid data. Prior to Leadspace, this process had been extremely subjective, with marketers relying on intuition and feedback from sales to make adjustments. This scientific, always up-to-date definition of the Ideal Buyer ensures alignment between marketing and sales teams to improve efficiencies throughout the funnel.

"Establishing a clear and accurate Ideal Buyer Profile is critical, but sales and marketing often have a hard time agreeing on exactly who their ideal buyer is, creating inefficiencies in both the customer acquisition process and marketing spend," said Leadspace co-founder and VP Products Amnon Mishor. "Leadspace gives marketing and sales unprecedented insight into exactly who they need to target, based on specific, known data to eliminate the confusion and guesswork."

On-demand Generation of Lead Lists to Match the Ideal Buyer Profile

Leadspace also now enables marketers to create hyper-targeted prospect lists to maximize the ROI of any marketing or sales campaign. Unlike traditional lead lists and online databases, Leadspace discovers only the most relevant prospects based on how closely their online presence matches the Ideal Buyer Profile. Through data gathering and matching in real-time, Leadspace also eliminates out-of-date contact details that waste precious marketing time and money.

In addition to new product enhancements for marketers, the new Leadspace release also offers an updated user-interface and more accurate prospect ranking to improve sales efficiency and targeting precision.

The Leadspace SaaS social lead targeting solution is already trusted by some of the most recognized B2B brands in the world, like SAS, Eloqua, Marketo, Jive, Badgeville and others to increase sales and marketing ROI and optimize both outbound and inbound lead generation.

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Leadspace is the first solution to help sales and marketing teams find new sales prospects and enrich and rank leads based not only on job titles, but also on what they do, and how closely the prospects resemble the people they have already successfully sold to. Founded in 2007 by experts in web mining and semantic analysis, the company received funding from top-tier venture capital firms, including Battery Ventures, JVP, and Vertex. Leadspace has offices in the U.S. and in Israel. Learn more at

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