New Learnist App for iPhone and iPod touch Unveils Digital Bookstore Featuring Premium Content by Notable Experts

Millions of Learnist Users Now One Click Away from Expert Learnboards by Gus Van Sant, Olivia Wilde, Kari Byron, Brad Meltzer, Danny Forster and Dhani Jones

Feb 27, 2014, 14:45 ET from Learnist

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Learnist, Inc., the social learning company that puts expert knowledge at your fingertips, today announced that premium Learnist Learnboards by world-renowned experts are available through a new Learnist Digital Bookstore in the latest release of the company's popular mobile app for iPhone and iPod touch. Learnist's 10 million users worldwide now have exclusive access to multimedia lessons by director Gus Van Sant, actress and activist Olivia Wilde, designer Danny Forster, MythBusters TV host Kari Byron, former NFL star Dhani Jones, author Brad Meltzer, and others. At just 99 cents, premium Learnist Learnboards provide curious people with a unique opportunity to learn from the world's most celebrated experts in the arts, technology, sports, food, fitness and more.

"Our partners have asked us for a way to enable faster publishing and broader distribution of their highest-quality content," said Learnist CEO Roy Gilbert. "With the new Learnist app for iPhone and iPod touch, any user can share and learn from celebrated experts and brands as easily as they do with friends. For contributors like Gus Van Sant, Olivia Wilde and Brad Meltzer—who have exclusive content in our Digital Bookstore—Learnist offers a new way to interact with their existing fans, reach new communities of curious learners and monetize their work."

In addition to premium content, Learnist users have free access to more than one million crowd-sourced Learnings added to Learnist Learnboards. Users of Learnist for iPhone and iPod touch can quickly explore popular Learnboards recommended by the Learnist team. They can also view their friends' learning experiences, and bookmark their progress in a Learnist Learnboard before moving on to new content. Learnist experts can more easily create and share their Learnboards—made up of curated web, print and video content—leveraging all the enhanced graphic design capabilities and updated image-handling aspects of the latest iOS devices.

"With so many people contributing to Learnist, this release puts the best Learnboards front and center in the user experience, and lets users easily access, save and organize what they want to learn," remarked Farbood Nivi, Learnist Founder. "Leading experts from traditional media and publishing are embracing Learnist, and we are working with these individuals to create a new digital publishing model—one that puts a premium on context and expertise."

Learnist for Publishers and Authors
Learnist has proven to be a valuable distribution and technology partner for media companies and publishers. Major media organizations, such as Discovery Communications and BBC, publish and curate their content on Learnist to engage with its vibrant community of experts and learners. And, Learnist continues to work with independent authors and content producers to expand on its paid-content model, offering a diverse array of premium Learnist Learnboards in its new Digital Bookstore.

About Learnist
Officially launched in October 2012, Learnist lets anyone access a credible, thriving community of learners and experts via native smart phone apps or PC web browser.

Today, millions of curious people worldwide use Learnist monthly to learn from expertly curated web, print and video content covering tens-of-thousands of topics, ranging from niche areas of academics to broad interests such as food, health, sports and entertainment. Learnist user interests and passions drive easy, efficient discovery of new learning experiences—literally, putting expert knowledge at users' fingertips.

For experts, Learnist is the easiest way to share their knowledge with millions and establish credibility with other passionate influencers. With just a few clicks, experts can assemble web pages, videos, e-book excerpts and more into annotated Learnist Learnboards.

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