New LYFE Kitchen Spring and Summer Menu Explores Produce and Flavors of the Season

Taste New Dishes Inspired by Our Chefs, Our Moms, Local Growers and Our Customers

May 17, 2013, 13:30 ET from LYFE Kitchen

CHICAGO, May 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In an ode to spring, LYFE Kitchen Restaurant today invites customers to enjoy its new menu that celebrates the bounty and flavors of the season. Created by LYFE Kitchen Executive Chefs Art Smith, Tal Ronnen and Jeremy Bringardner, the new LYFE Kitchen spring and summer menu is bursting with seasonal produce, fresh herbs and bold flavors in all-new dishes, as well as LYFE Kitchen favorites updated for the season.


Inspired by the iconic herb wall that greets every LYFE Kitchen guest, LYFE Kitchen Chefs Smith, Ronnen and Bringardner turned to basil, mint, tarragon and hibiscus to create new layers of flavor, dimension, texture and taste.   

With fresh spring produce like peas, leeks and rhubarb now available, the chefs worked with local suppliers and LYFE Kitchen health, wellness and lifestyle experts to create innovative combinations and dynamic dishes that are brimming with good-for-you ingredients and simply taste great.

"The spring menu for LYFE Kitchen is all about flavors, taste, freshness and inspired recipes," said LYFE Kitchen Corporate Executive Chef Jeremy Bringardner. "There are so many great ingredients that our growers and Mother Earth provide. We wanted to use them in as many ways as possible while maintaining the nutrition standards that we've set for ourselves. So, while you will find some new flavors and new offerings, everything on the LYFE Kitchen menu still allows you to love your food, everyday."

New Spring Favorites on the Plate

A Spring Chicken (Sandwich) With Fresh Avocado
Bursting with light flavors for spring, the LYFE Kitchen Grilled Chicken Sandwich now combines roasted tomatoes, fresh avocado, romaine, red onion and an herbaceous aioli served on a scrumptious nine-grain bun. Roasting the tomatoes with oregano and garlic creates an intense, deep flavor profile that is balanced by the aioli with hints of tarragon and dill and the tang of capers, garlic and lemon.

Dessert Inspired by Mom
Inspired by Chef Jeremy's memories of his mom, Carol who loved the sweet-and-sour fruitiness of this often underestimated spring vegetable, the new Rhubarb Quinoa Crunch is a dessert truly worthy of the season. Paired with quinoa, oats, whole-wheat flour, brown sugar and cinnamon to create a crunchy, decadent treat, this dessert is finished with a dollop of Greek yogurt, a sprig of fresh mint and aromatic orange zest to balance the tang of the rhubarb.

Flat Bread, Big Flavor
For fans of LYFE Kitchen flatbreads, the all new vegan Grilled Asparagus version offers a combination of flavorful grilled asparagus, roasted tomatoes, basil and capers and a new LYFE Kitchen-invented tartufo sauce – which uses smooth tofu blended with olive and truffle oils to deliver the creaminess of cheese along with hints of garlic and lemon zest.

The Pleasing Power of Peas
The new Pea & Leek Risotto is a seasonal update to the popular LYFE Kitchen squash risotto and offers a dose of protein with those tiny nutritional powerhouses: peas (that's why mom wanted you to finish yours). Featuring fresh spring leeks and fava leaves, the crunchy, garlicky, nutrient-dense dark green leaves from the fava bean plant, this new risotto will have everyone asking for more peas, please!

Can't Beet This Salad
The popular LYFE Kitchen Beet-Farro Salad undergoes a spring makeover – by replacing roasted beets and apples with raw shaved chiogga beets and fresh dill. The chiogga beets, also known as candy cane beets for their striking appearance and crisp sweetness, are sliced thin to provide a delicious, sweet crunch and the fresh dill provides light, savory freshness.

Now Batting for Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower
There is new reason to raise a fork and rejoice. To take advantage of some of the best produce of the season, the iconic LYFE Kitchen Brussels sprouts are making way for this season's heavy hitters: cauliflower and asparagus to accompany Art's Unfried Chicken. Roasted to impart a deep, caramelized flavor, then dressed with capers and chives, a simple Dijon vinaigrette adds balance to each bite.

Kale Caesar!
With the popularity of kale at an all-time high, LYFE Kitchen is adding sweet, succulent baby kale to its Caesar salad. A sprinkling of herbed breadcrumbs (instead of croutons) and microplaned parmesan (instead of grated) adds crunch and that elusive umami, while being a great-tasting replacement for extra calories or sodium.

Kimchi Meets Barramundi (Culver City only)
LYFE Kitchen is adding the hottest ingredient in So Cal, kimchi, to its Grilled Barramundi with soba noodles, edamame, baby spinach, shiitake mushrooms and scallions. Kimchi, the popular Korean pickled cabbage with sour and spicy notes, creates an intense, bright red broth for the Barramundi.

Grass-Fed Burger Springs Forward
The LYFE Kitchen burger is, as always, made of 100% grass-fed beef. Rich in omega-3s, the new burger is presented on an airy nine-grain bun and paired with a creamy, bold sauce that really amplifies the flavor quotient of the Classic Burger.

Hot New Beverages to Cool You Off this Summer

Strawberry-Rhubarb Chia Water
Rhubarb Chia Water infuses the essence of fruit into effervescent water to create a refreshing beverage with subtle herbal properties to help cleanse the body and soothe the throat. Sweetened with basil, a snappy ginger syrup and fortified with chia seeds – an amazing superfood that provides energy, lasting hydration and serves as a great source of omega-3s and omega-6s – this new cooler will leave guests feeling cooler by the sip.

Beet-Hibiscus Cooler
While the beverage world remains transfixed with green juices, LYFE Kitchen is exploring the next "it" ingredient – beets. The new Beet-Hibiscus Cooler tames the earthiness of beets (a great source of antioxidants) with the mild taste of hibiscus tea. Lemon and apple juices and ginger syrup round out this crisp, refreshing, and beautifully hued cooler.

Raspberry-Lime Soda with Mint & Basil
Craving a beverage that is as complex as it is refreshing? Take the effervescent Raspberry-Lime Soda with Mint & Basil for a spin. The sweetness of the fresh raspberries is offset by the subtle licorice quality of the basil, resulting in a drink that is as easy on the eyes as it is to drink.

A Customer-Inspired Dark Chocolate-Banana Smoothie
Inspiration comes from everywhere, but it is always best when it comes from LYFE Kitchen's guests. Inspired by a Palo Alto regular who often visits the restaurant after long bike rides craving a delicious, replenishing chocolate smoothie; the new LYFE Kitchen Dark Chocolate-Banana Smoothie combines soy milk, bananas and a homemade chocolate base. This simple dessert-like smoothie is the perfect ending to a ride, a run, or a great LYFE Kitchen meal.

LYFE Kitchen is committed to the idea that great-tasting food can also be good for you, affordable and convenient. With choices to please anyone, from flexitarian to vegetarian, omnivore to vegan, our celebrated chefs have developed a menu that is as delicious as it is inspiring. Using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible with the highest standards of quality and adhering to the highest level of socially responsible practices, LYFE Kitchen is creating a new category of lifestyle restaurant. Visit for more.

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