New Lythic SPD Protector Raises the Bar for Concrete Stain Protection

24-Hour Protection Proved in Laboratory

Oct 26, 2010, 09:00 ET from Lythic Solutions

PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Lythic Solutions has achieved a major advance in stain protection for exposed concrete floors, it was announced today by Lythic Solutions president David Loe. Lythic SPD Protector utilizes a new protection technology that significantly increases concrete's resistance to stains, acid etching, and liquid penetration.  It has been proved in third-party laboratory testing and in the field.

"We believe this is a game-changing product," stated Loe. "It creates a new standard of care for exposed concrete." Lythic SPD (Silica Polymer Dispersion) uses a different type of chemistry than other stain protector products, a two-part polymer combined with nano-sized colloidal silica, that bonds better and shields concrete more effectively. 

"Most stain protectors resist etching agents for a very short period," explained Loe.  "They buy you enough time to say 'Cleanup pickles on aisle seventeen,' but cannot protect against extended exposure to staining and etching agents.  Lythic SPD Protector was exposed to very strong acid – muriatic acid – and oil for a full 24 hours in laboratory testing.  There was no damage to the concrete.  Any visible effects were easily buffed out of the Lythic SPD Protector layer. Yet, the product does not feel like a coating. It is clear, not overly glossy, and thin enough to maintain a real concrete look and feel." 

Lythic SPD Protector can be applied to almost any troweled, burnished or polished concrete, to resist staining and etching while allowing moisture to evaporate from the slab.  It is shipped as a two-part solution that gets mixed 1:1 immediately prior to use.   It is rolled on with a short-nap mohair paint roller, and dries in about 2 hours to approximately 1 mil thickness.  It is compatible with dyes and stains and is warranted not to peel. Maintenance with the Lythic cleaning system fortifies the surface to keep SPD effective in blocking stains and etching.  Lythic estimates it will add about 30 cents per square foot to the cost of finishing a floor. 

Lythic SPD Protector will be available from select dealers and direct from the manufacturer.  For more information, visit

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