New Management Team at Elemica Following Merger With RubberNetwork

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Feb 02, 2010, 08:45 ET from Elemica

EXTON, Pa., Feb. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Elemica, the industry-leading eBusiness Supply Chain Network, today announces the appointment of a new management team following the merger with RubberNetwork. The thought leadership and talents of the new management team, combined with the energy of the organization, Elemica products, and loyal shareholders and customers, will enable Elemica to further increase its growth rate and generate ever-increasing revenues.

"The new team builds on the successful track record of both companies and combines industry veterans with a wealth of knowledge and experience that will propel Elemica towards leadership in the supply chain integration market," said Mike McGuigan, CEO of Elemica.

The new executive management team will report to the CEO, Mike McGuigan, and includes:

Brad Delizia, Senior VP General Counsel and Business Development, who will be responsible for legal operations and all third party relationships outside of customers and technical suppliers.

Rich Katz, Senior VP Product Management, who will lead all product management activities.  Rich and his team will lead the development and marketing of innovative products that meet customers' requirements and respond quickly to market needs.

Scott Miltenberger, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who will be responsible for leading all finance, performance management and HR activities within Elemica.  Scott and his team will seek to further improve the company's performance and people management activities, which ensure that effective talent and processes are in place.

Alok Saxena, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), who will be responsible for the creation and operation of the technology that underpins the Elemica product line and business.  He is tasked with driving Elemica to the forefront of technology innovation and performance.

Customer facing and commercial teams will be organized regionally with the following appointments:

Dan Haas, Senior VP Americas, will be responsible for sales and marketing, professional services and sourcing operations in North America.

Nicola Hughes, Senior VP Commercial Europe, will be responsible for sales and marketing and professional services in Europe.

Sergio Juarez, Senior VP Sourcing Europe, will be responsible for sourcing operations in Europe and South America.

Brian Selby, Senior VP Asia, will be responsible for sales and marketing, professional services and sourcing operations in Asia.  

About Elemica

Elemica was founded by leading global corporations to deliver best-in-class sourcing and supply chain integration for seamless execution of business processes such as order-to-invoice, procure-to-pay, and logistics booking.  Elemica unites global trade partners and provides a true framework of 'Connect Once.  Connect To All.'   By automating key business processes, removing transactional and communication barriers, and integrating the information flow between business partners, Elemica's clients benefit from reduced cost of operations and faster process execution with fewer resources.

From order entry to invoice processing for logistics, planning, and purchasing, the Elemica network improves productivity, decreases errors, and increases customer and business partner satisfaction.  Elemica has connected more than 2000 companies across multiple industries and processes over $60 billion in annual transactions. Clients include BASF, Continental, Dow, DuPont, Goodyear, LANXESS, Michelin, Rhodia and Shell.  For more information, visit

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