New Market Intelligence Targets Brand Owners

May 09, 2013, 11:43 ET from Intersections Inc.

CHANTILLY, Va., May 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Intersections today launched Zumetrics, a new cloud-based market intelligence platform, which puts e-commerce, product-level data at the fingertips of manufacturers to guide smarter, channel management decisions.

"With the explosion of mobile e-commerce and internet shopping," says Steve Izurieta, President of Zumetrics, "manufacturers want timely, actionable, market intelligence to help them understand the market price of products within their brands, strategically monitor their product assortment and placement on retailer websites, and get more ROI from their promotional allowance dollars."

Zumetrics is a SaaS-powered, cloud based subscription service, so there's no software to download or hardware to install. The service delivery platform, called Zume-Knowledge, provides sophisticated decision analytics linked to an enormous database of products and dot-com dealers. The product offering gives brand owners instant access to market data, allowing them to achieve two things: to compare SKU-level data within or across  e-commerce websites and to evaluate how competitor promotions impact revenue and sales.

Another feature of Zumetrics is Channel-Zume, a dot-com monitoring tool that automatically captures and analyzes data, down to the SKU level. Rounding out the Zumetrics offering is Portal-Zume, which captures and compares e-commerce data on millions of products marketed on the marketplace, enabling companies to compete with every product offering and price.

"Given the continuing growth of e-commerce," says Izurieta, "this is the time for manufacturers to understand how their products and brands are being marketed online or get left behind.  Now, more than ever, manufacturers need timely, actionable market intelligence to boost their product presence online, make smarter, data-driven channel management decisions, and get more ROI from their online marketing investments."

About Zumetrics

Zumetrics is a cloud-based market intelligence service that provides e-commerce, product-level data for retailers and brand owners to make smarter, data-driven, channel management decisions. Zumetrics is backed by Intersections Inc. (NASDAQ: INTX), a publicly traded company with more than $349.2 million in revenue. For more information, visit

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