New Mathematics Program Developed By Stanford University Transforms Online Education For Young Students

The next generation of Stanford's Acclaimed K-7 Mathematics Course Launches; Program Proven to Help Students Become Top Performers

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SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- today launched Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition, a cutting-edge digital mathematics program based on Stanford University's acclaimed Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY). The groundbreaking program combines ongoing Stanford research on K-12 accelerated learning with today's most advanced adaptive learning technology, rich graphics and games, and real-world inspired digital learning projects.

"Redbird Mathematics is the most advanced mathematics program ever developed," said Matthew Mugo Fields, Founder and President of "We need more innovators, problem solvers, and highly skilled people to tackle the monumental challenges of the 21st century. This program is a groundbreaking step toward realizing the vision established by Stanford University to transform today's young students into tomorrow's most advanced thinkers and leaders." is the evolution of Stanford University's EPGY research project which developed pioneering computer-based, multimedia courses and tutoring services in mathematics, language arts, science and computer programming specifically designed to help K-12 students become advanced learners. In 2013, Stanford selected Redbird Advanced Learning to modernize the technology behind EPGY and make the project's courses accessible to more students worldwide. was developed by educators, innovators, and researchers from both Redbird and Stanford.

Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition's digital curriculum is designed to help students achieve mathematical mastery at an accelerated rate by delivering engaging, personalized lessons that match each student's unique learning style and pace. Lessons are graphically rich, interactive, and include digital projects that introduce students to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers, providing opportunities to apply new concepts to real-world problem solving.'s adaptive instruction technology ensures that students receive optimal levels of challenge and reinforcement in every lesson. Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition is the only digital learning program capable of teaching each skill in a variety of ways, including animated lectures, embedded apps and exercises, and over 75 different games. The program learns which teaching methods are most effective for individual students and delivers personalized lessons tailored to each student's optimal learning style.

A recent analysis of effectiveness revealed that students enrolled in G&'s tutor-supported mathematics programs finish two grade levels ahead of their chronological grade. The independent study option, which provides online courseware only, yielded average results of one grade level ahead. Details of this analysis can be found here: These findings are complemented by a recent third-party study conducted by New York University that showed EPGY users scored higher – in some cases by 45 percent – on standardized achievement tests than those who do not use program. The full results of NYU's study can be found here:

"Pairing EPGY's deep research foundation with today's most innovative education technology significantly advances the field of online learning – a continuation of decades of pioneering work by Stanford researchers who established the use of computers for learning," Fields said.

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