New Mobile App, Driverly, Helps California Residents Ace the DMV Driver Knowledge Test

Dec 15, 2015, 08:40 ET from Driverly

RIVERSIDE, Calif., Dec. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Driver education company Driverly announced today the release of its first mobile app, also named Driverly. Designed by driver education experts, Driverly helps California residents pass the DMV driver knowledge test the first time. A free trial version of Driverly is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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The first step to getting a driver license in California is to pass what the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) calls the "traffic laws and sign" test. The exam is meant to test whether applicants demonstrate a strong grasp of the fundamentals of driving on public roads. There are 46 questions, which are multiple choice. To pass, applicants must get 38 of those questions correct, or just over 82%.

The test covers all the content in the official California Driver Handbook. The handbook is a 104-page manual packed with important information, including license requirements, rules of the road, and guidelines for good driving practices. For many, it is a difficult task to master all the material in the handbook by reading it from cover to cover.

In fact, the DMV reports that it administers the driver knowledge test over 4 million times a year throughout California. Of those who take the exam, 53% fail it.

Driverly helps applicants pass the driver knowledge test the first time through interactive gameplay. It features 1,200 questions, which cover the entire California Driver Handbook. These questions were written by Dr. Sean Miller and Kiran Verma, both driver ed experts. An experienced college instructor, Miller is certified by the Department of Transportation to teach driver ed. Verma is a former manager at the DMV with over 28 years of experience serving California drivers.

Within the app, a player takes a "drive test," which simulates the official test. Correct answers earn points. Driverly also tracks the player's passing percentage. By accumulating enough points, the player advances levels, from Newbie to Daytripper to Roadster, and finally, to the highest level, Road Sage.

After each question is answered, the player can review the exact passage from the driver handbook on which the question is based. The app remembers the questions the player gets wrong and presents those questions again at a later time in the game. The player can also review all previously answered questions by swiping back and forth.

"By playing Driverly for twenty minutes each day in the week or two leading up to taking the test at the DMV," Dr. Miller said, "players get the 'reps' they need to tackle the test with confidence—and pass it the first time."

For a limited time, Android device users can get unlimited access to all 1,200 Driverly questions for free. To get unlimited access, they're asked to post a review of the app on the Google Play Store. Driverly will then send them a promo code to unlock unlimited access. Details of the offer are on the Google Play Store.

Download Driverly now on the Apple App or Google Play Store.

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