New myLINGO Application to Launch with the Highly Anticipated bio pic Cesar Chavez, Offering Spanish Audio Track for Non-English Speakers

Using their smartphones, movie fans can download film tracks in their language of preference, for an unprecedented multi-generational, bilingual family movie experience

Mar 10, 2014, 09:00 ET from myLINGO

LOS ANGELES, March 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- myLINGO, a smartphone application created to bridge the gap between non-native speakers and the movies they love, will launch in the U.S. this March 28th with the highly-anticipated Cesar Chavez, offering an audio track in Spanish for moviegoers.

Directed by Diego Luna, Cesar Chavez chronicles the birth of a modern American movement led by famed civil rights leader, labor organizer and American Latino hero Cesar Chavez. His triumphant journey is a remarkable testament to the power of one individual's ability to change the system. 

According to Nielsen, Hispanics enjoy going to the movies as a family affair. Hispanics are the heaviest moviegoers, as they represent 18 percent of the moviegoing population, but account for 25 percent of all movies seen.

myLINGO has partnered with Pantelion Films to bring together, for the first-time-ever, bilingual multi-generational families to enjoy an unprecedented movie experience.  Thanks to myLINGO, English dominant Latino moviegoers can bring their Spanish dominant relatives to listen to Cesar Chavez in Spanish, while they watch it in English all at the same time, in the same movie theatre.

myLINGO allows non-native speakers to go the movies and enjoy a film in the language of their choice, using their smartphone and headphones.  Within minutes and for a small fee per downloaded track, myLINGO makes the movie theater experience available to all audiences, regardless of their native language. The app listens to the theater audio and plays back the alternative language audio through the headphones, perfectly synchronized with the action on screen.

The app is the brainchild of Olenka Polak and her brother Adam, who grew up in a Connecticut household that mostly spoke Polish, and developed the app at Harvard University's Innovation Lab.

"Growing up as first-generation Americans in a Polish speaking house, my brother and I never went to the movies with our parents because they had difficulty following the dialogue on screen," said Olenka Polak, co-founder of myLINGO. "We developed myLINGO so other families won't have the same experience. We want to make it possible for anyone to watch a film in the language that they are most comfortable using."

The smartphone app will launch in the U.S. Hispanic market with Pantelion Film's Cesar Chavez, slated for March 28, 2014, to encourage multi-generational families to go see Cesar Chavez at their local movie theatres. Pantelion Films is a Latino Hollywood studio, created as a partnership between Lionsgate Entertainment and Grupo Televisa.

"myLINGO may revolutionize the movie-going experience for a multicultural America seeking quality entertainment," said Edward Allen, COO of Pantelion Films. "We are excited that the Cesar Chavez film is the first to launch on myLINGO, the ever-growing and powerful Latino movie going audience has the option to take their Spanish-speaking family along, to enjoy the film in their language of preference."

The myLINGO app has already received support from key players in the entertainment industry, including Jeremy Zimmer, CEO of United Talent Agency, who joined myLINGO as part of its advisory board, along other industry leaders.

"I applaud Pantelion for having the foresight to address this opportunity by partnering with myLINGO," said Jeremy Zimmer.  "myLINGO has all the requirements of a groundbreaking company: a clear mission, fantastic founders, and a huge blue sky ahead. I am lucky to be involved."

Movie fans can download myLINGO onto their iPhone or select Android devices.  To learn more about myLINGO and download the app, please visit

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About myLINGO
Co-founders Olenka and Adam Polak launched myLINGO in 2012 with the intention of sharing the magic of the movie theater with non-English speaking viewers – a population previously isolated from the industry by various language barriers. Largely inspired by their childhood in a Polish-speaking household, where lingual differences posed a tangible challenge, the siblings developed a mobile app that collects audio tracks in multiple different languages, making them available in movie theaters worldwide.

About Pantelion Films
Pantelion Films is the first major Latino Hollywood studio and the new face of Hispanic entertainment.  It is a synergistic partnership between Lionsgate and Grupo Televisa. Pantelion provides Hispanic moviegoers with a steady source of exciting and original films, including world-class Latino actors, directors and writers.  From comedies and dramas to family movies and romantic comedies, Pantelion produces and acquires movies that speak directly to acculturated and Spanish-dominant Hispanics alike. Founded three years ago, Pantelion's films already include the recent sensation Instructions Not Included, the highest-grossing Spanish-language film ever released in the U.S., Pulling Strings, Casa de mi Padre and From Prada to Nada.