New Name and Logo of Esa Unggul University Strengthens the Corporate Brand Identity

INDONUSA Esa Unggul University is a leading private university in Jakarta, founded by Kemala Foundation. Today, the university has been successfully maintaining its position as one of the best in Indonesia.

Nov 19, 2010, 06:18 ET from Universitas Esa Unggul

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 19, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- INDONUSA Esa Unggul University is a leading private university in Jakarta, founded by Kemala Foundation. Today, the university has successfully maintained its position as one of the best in Indonesia.

For the future, INDONUSA Esa Unggul University will utilize its valuable resources in order to achieve the vision of the university: "Becoming a world-class university based on intellectuality, creativity and entrepreneurship which is powered by the quality management in delivering Tridharma."

The vision will be achieved through three purposeful missions:

1. Develop quality and relevant education.

2. Create an academic atmosphere.

3. Create leaders and citizens with built-in strong character and high competitiveness.

To improve quality is the top priority of the university, to accelerate the process of becoming a world-class institution. This goal covers the quality of students and faculty members, services and infrastructures, research and community services as well as the quality of graduates. The strategic environment is always challenging and driving the university to search for innovation and new institutional values.

Corporate brand identity, which is reflected in the name and logo of the university, is a strategic part of this dynamic innovation. The idea of changing the name and the logo came in 2007, starting with internal discourses and polling among staff and students. Then the idea was disseminated to stakeholders, before carrying out two-step logo contests which were open to the public.

Finally, in 2010 the name of INDONUSA Esa Unggul University was officially changed to Esa Unggul University using a new logo and the new motto: Entrepreneurship and Creativity.

The new logo is formed by the exposure of the letter "e" (Esa, the one) and the letter "u" (Unggul, the best, the excellence), constructed by three curved lines that revolve around a blue ball.

This constellation symbolizes the dynamics of the university to change itself against any establishment and to achieve university goals. The existence of the blue ball represents focus to build the reputation of the university at the international level. A beam of light at the blue ball symbolized the contribution of the university to the community and to humanity.

The new logo reflects the basic ideas of the university's strategic plan to energize its organizational values and culture. Strengthening corporate brand identity will also improve public trust and appreciation for the achievements and reputation of the university. Undoubtedly, the journey of the university for nearly 25 years is a valuable lesson and very useful experience, the best achievement dedicated to the nation.

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